Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Management Binder

     I am linking up with my friend Katie over at Playing Life's Game to show off my new home management binder today. In case you haven't heard, home management binders are all the rage right now on Pinterest and on several blogs I read. So we decided to jump on the band wagon. 
     Basically a home management binder is a notebook containing all the information that you need to run your home and it can be customized in various different ways based on your household's needs. I have spent the past couple weeks searching the Internet for various printables to include in my notebook and arranging and rearranging sections based on what I thought I needed and would actually use. I have eight sections in my notebook: Calendar and To Dos, Birthdays and Special Events, Finances, Home Maintenance, Auto Maintenance, Cleaning, Emergency and Medical Information, and Contacts. I am really excited about my binder and I hope that it will help us stay organized and on top of things around the house. 
     So here it is!
Here is the front cover.
The first page is a view of the week where I can write down events going on that week, to dos, and what we're eating for dinner.
Next is a calendar section where I can get a quick look at the month and the important events going on.
The next tab is for birthdays and special events. I plan to use the front pocket to hold invitations and any cards that I buy and need to mail out.

Inside that section I have a listing of important dates for all the months of the year. After those pages is a gift log so I can write down gift ideas.
I took the information from the finances binder that I made last week and just put it in the finances section of my household management binder. This is our receipt tracker.
Next up is our home maintenance section. It's not really complete yet, but I intend to put information about things we do around the house here.

The auto maintenance section has a log for each of our vehicles and I keep the receipts from any work we have done on the cars behind those sheets. I also put the brochures for two of the places we have used in that section for quick reference.

The cleaning section starts with my daily and weekly chore lists.
After that is a monthly, semi-annual and annual cleaning list. I also have found a weekly challenge list online to organize your house so I might print out that information and put it in this section too.
      Next in the binder is the emergency and medical section. (I didn't include a photograph because it has personal information in it.) I have a sheet for emergency contacts and then a medical sheet for each of us with our insurance information and any medical history and our doctor's information. I also keep Owen's check-up packets in there as well.
The last section is contacts. I have an address book, but I thought this might be nice to keep track of the women in my mom's group and Owen's playgroup buddies. There is also a contact list for take-out food. I also have a booklet that we got when we moved here of important numbers to call in Richland. And last but not least, I have a plastic holder to hold business cards for the doctor and dentist and photographers and whoever else we might need.

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