Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making Faces: Part 2

      Since I've gotten a lot of good responses from people who enjoyed my previous post about the faces that Owen makes when he tries new foods, I thought I would do a second round of Owen's crazy food faces. He has tried lots and lots of new foods since my last post about the subject. Unfortunately, I haven't been as good about taking pictures of everything new that he has tried and I also haven't taken pictures of him holding the whole food before cooking it. But I still have quite a few pictures of Owen trying new things like carrots, potatoes, yellow squash, green beans, and broccoli.
A big bowl of yummy pureed carrots.
WHAT did you just put in my mouth? I trusted you, Dad!
Gag, gag, sputter... Blech! (Don't worry, he has warmed up to them now. He particularly likes carrots mixed with pear.)
A wide open mouth for his first taste of broccoli. Poor kid didn't know what was coming.
What is this?!?!
Blech! Gag! Gross!
First time trying green beans.
You don't mind if I spit that out do you?
Just to show you the difference, here's a picture of a baby eating his favorite food - apples and blueberries!
What is this weird thing?
First try of pureed potatoes (mixed with peas).
A pretty mild reaction. Not bad, but not the yummiest.
Not a fan of yellow squash at Nana's house.
First taste of blueberry yogurt with Grams.
Don't let the yuck face fool you. He really liked it.

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