Monday, November 19, 2012

Citrus Lane review (November box)

      My November Citrus Lane box arrived on Thursday and I wanted to share all the goodies we received in this month's "Fun with Food" box. Owen is 19 months old so we got the younger-range toddler box, I think. The boxes are filled with items based on your child's age and gender, so Owen receives different things than an 8-month-old or a 3-year-old might get. 
     Here's the description of the theme for this month from Citrus Lane: "With Thanksgiving around the corner, we can't stop thinking about food! This month, we've gathered up some of our favorite food-inspired toys as well as practical, useful, and adorable items for feeding. Gobble gobble." This month it seemed like Citrus Lane did a better job of executing their theme and pretty much everything in the box fit with the theme well. 
     Owen, of course, adored opening the box and pulling out all the items. There was only one toy this month so his favorite thing in the box was probably the squeezie pack of baby food. He grabbed that pretty quickly and insisted on eating it immediately. 
      Here are some cute pictures of him opening the box and exploring what he found inside. Scroll further and you can see pictures and descriptions of each of the items inside.

Here's what came inside our box this month:
  • Plan Toys Fruit and Veggie Play Set: These sturdy, sustainable wooden fruits and veggies by Plan Toys really add to the fun of imaginary play with their bright colors and satisfying crunch when they are cut with the toy knife. This is a super cute toy and a fun play on words for the theme of the month. We received the pretend knife, a tomato, a kiwi, and an orange. Others I've seen online received other fruits and veggies. I haven't let Owen play with his yet because I am saving them for his Christmas stocking. But I am excited to see how he will like them, particularly if I bring them out when I'm making dinner so that he has something to occupy him while I cook before Tim comes home from work. Retails for $8.50.
  • Green Eats set of four snack bowls: These bowls are made in the USA from recycled milk cartons and sized perfectly for a little one's hands. Made by Green Toys, these BPA free bowls are tough and can handle anything a kid can dish out. We received the blue set of bowls and they seem really sturdy and cute. They are great for when I give Owen cut up fruit or Goldfish crackers as a snack. It's really funny because after Owen finishes his snack, he will go in the kitchen into his drawer and pull out another bowl and bring it to me for a refill. A coupon code for 10 percent off an order with Green Toys was also included. Retails for $6.99.
  • Goodbyn Small Meals container: This BPA free container keeps food fresh and protected from being crushed. It is lightweight and comes in a variety of colors. I received the red tray. It seems like it will be great for if I need to pack a lunch for Owen if we will be eating outside of the house or for traveling. We haven't had the opportunity to use it so far. Includes a coupon code for 25 percent off at Retails for $6.49.
  • Plum Organics Tots Mish Mash (strawberry flavor): These combinations of fruits and grains are made for older palettes and are full of natural ingredients. We have bought these before and Owen really likes them. They are great for a snack on the go. Retails for $1.69.
  • Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer: This organic moisturizer is calming, hydrating, and packed with all-natural oils and antioxidants. I don't really come to Citrus Lane for products for me and I'd rather receive stuff for Owen generally. It's the first time in six months of receiving boxes from them that I got something for me though, so it's not that common. But now that I've tried it, I really like Juice Beauty and I would love to have some more products from them. It's a really thick moisturizer and it has a pleasant fruity scent. Includes a coupon code for $10 an order with Juice Beauty. Retails for $9.00.
  • Tiny Prints coupon code for 20 percent off and free shipping on holiday cards: Tiny Prints features premium-quality photo prints, an easy-to-use website, and helpful customer service. This is a really great addition to the November box, but I noticed when I was checking out the card designs from Tiny Prints that they had a 20 percent off special advertised on the website for anyone to use, so this isn't that special. 

   Overall, I was pleased with this month's box. I hope they will ease up on the number of containers for the next couple months, but they are useful. I was disappointed to not receive a book this month since I've gotten one in each of my last three boxes. But I understand that not everyone loves to get books. We are definitely in the pro-book camp. Do you subscribe to Citrus Lane? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this month's box. 
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     If you don't subscribe and want to, check out these deals. They are available through December.
  • For existing customers, use the code GIFT4U for a six month subscription for $90. That's $15 dollars a box! A discount of about $10 per month and $35 less than a normal six-month subscription. It's a 40 percent discount!
  • For new customers, use the code GET3 to receive a three month subscription for $65. That's just over $21 a box and a discount of $10 from the normal three-month subscription. 
  • For new customers, use the code GET4 for a six month subscription for $99. That's just $16.50 per box and a discount of $26 off the normal six-month subscription. 
  • If you would rather get just one month to try it out, use the code TAKEHALF to receive your first month for half off. That's just $12.50. Your subscription will renew each month unless you e-mail or call to cancel. 
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