Saturday, November 3, 2012

Owen is nineteen months old!

      No official doctor's appointment this month (or until he is 2!), but since he has to get a second round of his flu shot soon, I may be able to find out how much Owen weighs and I can update here later. He is about 25 pounds though, if I had to guess. He continues to impress us with his ability to learn new things every day and we frequently have people comment on how smart and cute he is. 
  • Owen eats three meals a day and an afternoon snack normally. 
  • He still eats basically whatever we eat unless we are having something spicy. 
  • He is not a big fan of most vegetables, though he did surprise us by eating all of his brussels sprouts the other night. What?!?!
  • Owen's favorite foods are pizza, Goldfish crackers, turkey sausage, my homemade veggie pasta, and yogurt.
  • Owen loves to "dip" his food, fingers, and pretty much anything else in ketchup or other sauces. He frequently asks to "dip it?"
  • Owen drinks whole milk with each main meal and water in between. He has also enjoyed some apple cider this month.
  • If you ask Owen what he wants for breakfast, he will most likely say, "Uh, sausage and uh, muffin?"

  • Owen naps in the afternoon and generally goes down just after lunch around 1 p.m and sleeps for between an hour and a half to two hours.
  • Owen goes to bed at night at 7:30 p.m. 
  • He wakes up at around 8 a.m., sometimes earlier, sometimes later.
  • Owen has gone back to sleeping through the night now that he is done teething for the time being. 
  • Owen's going to bed routine consists of a bath, pajamas, reading a few books, and then snuggling and rocking in the chair with either mommy or daddy for a few minutes before putting him in his crib. We have about 5 books we alternate between for our bedtime routine and Owen basically has most of them memorized now. 

Things He Knows:
  • Owen has a super large vocabulary. 
  • Owen is a champ at stringing together words to communicate. Some of his frequent phrases are: "Daddy at work," "Don't want that," "Want my mommy" "Thank you mommy" "Sit on printer" "Read book?" 
  • Owen still says "I sorry." 
  • Owen will say "Bless you" whenever someone sneezes. He will say "thank you" if you say bless you when he sneezes.
  • Owen can count to 10. He can even do it when we take turns filling in numbers for him.
  • We have started teaching Owen the alphabet. He fills in a few of the letters when we say the alphabet, including I, P, and Z. 
  • He still occasionally uses sign language, but knows the words for all his signs now and uses words more often or in conjunction with the signs. The signs he uses most are thank you, all done, and please. 
  • He can say "Love you mommy" and "love you daddy."
  • Owen says "bye bye" to many things. Trucks we pass on the road (bye bye truck), pumpkins on display outside the grocery store (bye bye pumpkin), pretty much anything... 
  • Tim has taught Owen to "tackle" him and it's so cute. 
  • We are continuing to teach Owen his shapes and colors. So far, he can recognize a circle, triangle, square, star, rectangle, and oval. He is a pro at the shapes sorter.
  • Owen definitely knows his name and will refer to himself by name now. For example, he will point at pictures of himself and say "Baby Owen." 
  • We are practicing obedience with Owen now and it is a daily struggle. He is a sweet boy, but can be super stubborn. 

Other Things I Want to Remember:
  • Owen is wearing size 18 month and starting to wear size 18-24 months clothing. Although he is supposedly above the 50th percentile in length, most of his pants are too long and I have to roll them up. 
  • Owen wears size 6 and 6.5 shoes, depending on the brand. His boots are size 7's and without a couple pairs of socks, they will fall off his feet.
  • Owen is mainly in size four diapers though we are still working on using up our size 3's.
  • Owen has 12 teeth completely in now (four in front on top and bottom and two top molars and two bottom molars) with three canine teeth for the most part through, but not completely. The tip of his bottom right canine tooth has just popped through recently. 
  • Owen loves when we read to him and looking at books by himself. His favorite books are anything with trucks or animals. He really loves "Trucks Go," "The Going to Bed Book," and "Fox in Socks." He really loves Sandra Boynton books. He can even finish or fill in the words to some of the sentences of certain books when we're reading to him. 
  • Owen's favorite songs are "Baa Baa Black Sheep,"  "Row Row Row Your Boat," "Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry," and "Old MacDonald." If you wait for him to fill in the animal when you sing "And on that farm, he had a..." he will 99.9 % of the time say sheep. He can also sing the EIEIO part. 
  • Owen loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which we allow him to watch about once or twice a week. He knows most of the characters' names and seems to prefer Mickey and Goofy. He adores the "hotdog dance" at the end of each episode. 
  • He frequently talks about members of our family and friends. We're not always sure what he's saying, but we catch Papa or Grandpa or David or other names in his babblings. 
  • Owen loves playing with trucks and cars, balls, his shapes sorters (he has two now), and his music table. He has recently shown interest in his Poppity Pop Dino again.
  • Owen enjoys playing outside and frequently asks to "Go owside?" While outside, he plays on his slide, picks flowers in the yard, and climbs up and down the stair off our front porch over and over. He also enjoys standing on the printer in the corner of our living room and peeking through the blinds to talk about what is outside. 
  • Owen still displays some separation anxiety and fear in certain situations. When we leave him in nursery, the workers generally tell us that he calms down pretty quickly after we leave and plays happily the rest of the time there. He refused to ride the mechanical horse at the grocery store the other day, which was strange since he's ridden it several times before and talked about it the entire time we were shopping. 
  • Owen is a major animal lover, particularly dogs and cats. He talks all the time about all the ones he knows, like my parent's cat Pumpkin and Katie and David's dogs Lexi and Cooper. A neighborhood cat comes to our house pretty much anytime we are outside nowadays and the two are becoming fast friends. 
  • Owen is still a big music lover and will dance anytime he hears music. He loves country music in particular and danced up a storm at my cousin Johanna's wedding because they played a lot of country music. It was so cute!
  • Owen loves playing with the children's apps on either my Nook or Tim's Nexus. His favorite is one that shows pictures of various animals, vehicles, and music instruments and plays the corresponding noise when he touches the screen.
  • Owen still loves to put our shoes on now and try to walk around in them.  
  • Owen is a daddy's boy the majority of the time and loves to do whatever daddy is doing. Everything daddy does is super fun. Owen typically only wants mommy specifically when he is sad. 
  • Tim and I make a big production of hugging and kissing with a lot of noise because Owen loves to squeeze in between our legs whenever we do it. He generally goes, "Mmmm.." when he does it. It is so freakin' cute. 
  • Owen will give "eskimo kisses" and rub his nose on yours if you say "Nose, nose." It's so funny watching him concentrate really hard on bringing his nose to yours and his eyes cross. 

     Here are some recent pictures I took of Owen playing in the yard while Tim was raking leaves. 

Waving "Hi Daddy" as Tim took the leaves to the far side of our backyard to dump them. 
Helping daddy rake leaves.
Sporting his new Gymboree shirt and sweater and The Children's Place jeans I bought him recently. Great sales right now at both places!

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  1. Aiden loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse too. We watch it only on car rides and he just adores it! Owen is growing into such a handsome boy! I love how busy he is!