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The Honest Company Review: Part 2

      Now that I have been a subscriber to The Honest Company since July, I have been able to try out a ton of their products and I thought I would post a review of my thoughts on each of the ones that I've tried. I have tried at least 14 of their more than 20 products. I haven't found one product that I disliked enough to never want to order it again. And many have become my favorites, particularly their healing balm and bubble bath. We are also still loving our diapers and wipes bundle. The diaper line has recently released new patterns that are really cute and a new limited edition holiday diaper with snowflakes is available now. 

From left to right, hand soap, dish detergent, and fruit and veggie wash. Not pictured: Honest Rinse Aid.
  • Honest hand soap: This 12-ounce hand soap is infused with organic lemongrass oil and grapefruit seed botanical extracts to protect, clean and soften hands. The low-suds lather is non-toxic, ph neutral, safe, and effective. The lemongrass scent is clean and refreshing. I really like this handsoap. It doesn't seem like it leaves my hands feeling dry after I wash them time after time all day long. And the scent is really pleasant. It's not overpowering, but makes my hands smell clean. Retails for $5.99.
  • Honest dish soap: This 16-ounce dish soap easily penetrates foods, milk and formula residue, and general household messes. The ultra-concentrated formula features tons of suds. It is hypoallergenic and free of synthetic dyes and fragrances. It leaves dishes streak free and spotless. I love the white grapefruit scent. And it's gentle on my hands while still getting my dishes squeaky clean. You could also use it as hand soap if you prefer the grapefruit scent to the lemongrass scent of the hand soap. Retails for $5.95.
  • Honest Fruit + Veggie Wash: This 8-ounce 100 percent plant-based non-toxic fruit and vegetable wash safely removes toxic pesticides and chemical residues along with pathogens, waxes, dirt, oils, and bacteria surface contaminants. It leaves no taste or odor behind and is significantly more effective than rinsing foods with water alone. It also inhibits browning and helps produce to last 200 percent times longer. I am in love with this fruit and vegetable cleaner. It is super easy to use. Just throw the produce in a colander, spritz it with the cleaner, wait a few minutes and then scrub and rinse off with water. It has a pleasant citrus-y scent. Retails for $6.99.
  • Honest Rinse Aid: This pure rinse formula safely cleans and adds sparkle to dishes, eliminating haze, spotting, streaking, and calcium deposits. Dishes and glassware come out clean without any chemical residue left behind. Its gentle enough to wash china, silver, and porcelain. The bottle contains enough rinse aid for 75 loads depending on your dishwasher's average release amounts. This rinse aid works okay. I have noticed a difference in our glasses since I began using it. We do have an older dishwasher that needs replacing though so I can't speak to how well this would do with a better dishwasher. Retails for $5.95.
The Honest Company dryer sheets and laundry detergent. Not pictured is the all purpose spray cleaner.

  • Honest Laundry Detergent: This 70-ounce laundry detergent cleans stubborn stains, dirt, food, and other messes. It's also suitable for more delicate laundry and rinses away clean leaving clothing softer, brighter, and cleaner. The detergent is unscented and dye-free to avoid causing reactions in those with sensitive skin and babies. The 2X ultra-concentrated formula can wash 70 high efficiency loads using just a small amount per load. This detergent is great. I can feel a difference in the softness of my clothes and I am so impressed with how little I need to use to clean my clothes. I ordered a bottle in my first family essentials order back in July and still have not run out. I also like that it scent-free so that it is hard on dirt, yet gentle on our clothes and skin. Retails for $12.95.
  • Honest Dryer Cloths: These innovative "wet" dryer cloths are specially formulated with plant-based ingredients to gently infuse softeners directly into fabrics. They are free of animal by-products which can leave a sticky, gummy residue that causes fabric colors to dull over time. Clothing feels extra-soft, naturally fresh, and static free after use. Each pack contains 32 dryer cloths. Each one can be used up to two times. These dryer sheets work really well with the exception of being a little fragile. In a load of heavy towels, they sometimes get completely destroyed and turn into fluff. And remembering to find the dryer sheet and reuse it after the first time is a little inconvenient. But otherwise, they leave my clothes feeling really soft and static-free. I just wish that more came in the package. Retails for $6.95.
  • Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner: This 24-ounce plant-based cleaner effectively penetrates and emulsifies dirt, grime, and fingerprints. Great for cleaning all surfaces and leaves no toxic residue behind. Grapefruit scent. I really love this cleaner. It works well and smells great. I keep it on the counter so that I can wipe down my kitchen counters throughout the day and clean up all kinds of Owen-related messes. Retails for $5.95.
From left to right, sun screen, shampoo and body wash, bug spray, conditioner, and face and body lotion. Not pictured is the healing balm/diaper rash cream and bubble bath.

  • Honest Sunscreen: This 3 oz. sunscreen is broad spectrum SPF 20, fragrance free and water resistant. It contains no petrochemicals like those in most conventional, mass-market sunscreens. The zinc-oxide formula is safe for use on infants. This sunscreen is really great. The SPF isn't as high as I would normally like, but that's fine if I reapply to Owen frequently. The formula is really thick and creamy and can leave a white-ish residue look to his skin, but it seems to soak in well and isn't greasy. We had no baby burns when using this in Florida. Retails for $13.95. 
  • Honest Shampoo and Body Wash: This 6.8 fl. oz. shampoo and body wash smells like sweet orange vanilla. It is ph-balanced, and non-irritating and contains vitamin E, aloe, and calendula to moisturize and hydrate hair and skin. It contains no harsh chemicals and is sensitive enough for daily use. This shampoo and body wash is one of my favorite Honest products. It's especially important because we like to give Owen a bath before bed every night to calm him down and this doesn't dry out his skin with daily use like other baby washes we have used before. Plus, it smells absolutely delicious! My only problem with this product is the small size of the bottle. If I were to use this on myself, Tim, and Owen, we would run through it really quickly and have to order at least a couple bottles each month. [Update: The Honest Company recently increased the size of the bottle for the shampoo and body wash.] Retails for $9.95.
  • Honest Bug Spray: This 4 oz. bug spray DEET-free bug spray contains no harsh, synthetic or petroleum-based ingredients. Formulated with essential oils to naturally repel buys, it smells like rosemary, citronella, and wintergreen. It repels bugs like mosquitoes and stable flies for up to four hours. I love this bug spray because it is so hard to find one that is safe for use on small kids. This one smells pleasant and is effective from what I could tell when using it on Owen. Retails for $12.95.
  • Honest Conditioner: This conditioner compliments the shampoo and body wash. It contains no harsh chemicals and is hypoallergenic and tear-free. I have used it on my hair and it really works well. It leaves my hair feeling really soft and I don't have to use a ton of it.  Retails for $9.95.
  • Honest Face and Body Lotion: This 6.8 oz. lotion uses calendula and botanicals. It is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and approved, and non-toxic. Appropriate for babies and adults. I really like this lotion for me. The only problem I have with the one I received is that is smells like roses, which really ruins Owen's yummy creamsicle scent when I use it on him after baths. The Honest Company website states that this lotion is unscented so maybe they have changed their formula and it no longer smells like roses. I don't use it on Owen, but on myself currently because I don't like the rose scent for him. It isn't too thick and rubs in well. It isn't greasy and leaves no weird feeling on my skin after I apply it.  Retails for $9.95.
  • Honest Bubble Bath: This 12 ounce bubble bath smells like tangerines. It is ultra-pure and soothing and will not dry or irritate skin if used daily. This is the best bubble bath ever! We love it. It only takes a few capfuls to fill the tub with bubbles and I don't have to agitate the water with my hand to make them appear, just pour it under the running faucet and it does the trick itself. The bubbles last the whole bath and don't disappear once I start using soap on Owen and he loves them. Retails for $11.95.
  • Honest Healing Balm: This 3 ounce fragrance free diaper rash cream is filled with USDA certified organic essential oils like sunflower, olive oil, chickweed, and tamanu. Castor oil helps to heal existing diaper rash and serves as an excellent urine barrier. It contains no preservatives or synthetic scents to soothe delicate skin. It is also versatile and can be used on minor scrapes and burns as well. This healing balm is one of my absolute favorite Honest Company products. It works so very well and doesn't have a disgusting scent like most other diaper rash creams. And it works so well. Owen had an raw place on his boy parts a couple months ago and after using the healing balm, it only took three days for it to be completely healed! It was a miracle. I cannot recommend this product enough. Retails for $12.95.
Owen sporting The Honest Company's reusable swim diaper in the breton stripe pattern.

  • Honest Swim Diaper: This swim diaper is made of stretchy, waterproof, and hygienic polyester knit. It works better than disposable swim diapers and meets health standards for all public pools. It is chlorine and fade resistant. It has an adjustable waist with ties and non-chafing elastic around the legs for a custom fit. It can be machine washed and air dried so it can be used over and over. Comes in two patterns. It can also be used for potty training. We really love our reusable swim diaper. It worked great when we went to Florida this year and Owen looks super cute in it. It doesn't get super bulky and waterlogged like disposable swim diapers. Retails for $12.95. 

      The next new products that I have ordered and that are set to arrive soon are the body oil, hand sanitizer, and lip balm. The company is frequently releasing new products and making improvements to old ones. For instance, the next round of baby wipes are supposed to be interlaced to make them easier to remove from the wipes container. The company has also changed the increments by which you can receive your bundles. Now you can change your schedule to receive bundles on a monthly, 6-week, or 8-week basis. I love this because we have never used an entire month's supply of diapers before we receive new diapers so I've spread our deliveries out. The company has also recently started a gifting program where you can buy 1, 3, or 6 months of the bundles for a friend or family member. This would make a really great baby shower gift. Another bonus for this company is their great customer service. If you want to make a change to your bundle that isn't an option on the website, you can just call and ask. For example, I was able to split my diaper bundle into two sizes when I was trying to see if Owen was ready for size four diapers so that I got half size threes and half size fours. I was also able to add one package of size 1 diapers into my order one month when I wanted to gift them to a friend who is having a baby. 
      If you are interested in trying The Honest Company, they offer a free trial pack of products and diapers and wipes for just $5.95 shipping. If after seven days, you decide you love the products, you will be automatically enrolled in their monthly delivery system. If you decide the products aren't for you, you can just cancel before the week is up. To check out The Honest Company for yourself, click here. The link will take you to my referral so I can earn money toward my subscription. I'd be so happy if you used it! For a limited time, if you sign up with my link, you will earn a $10 credit to your account after making your first purchase. 
      Are you an Honest member? What are your favorite products? 

UPDATE: I have tried out even more Honest Company products now and you can see the reviews HERE.

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  1. Thank you for your reviews! I am new to The Honest Company so they are very helpful. I am curious to know how you think the sizing is on the swim diapers. I want to get a couple but am unsure what size. My daughter is almost 23 mos and weighs 26 lbs which is 50th percentile. She is about 60th percentile for definitely not chunky. She actually still wears 18 mos clothes. Any thoughts? Thanks!