Monday, November 26, 2012

Stork Stack coupon codes (Cyber Monday only!)

    If you are interested in a subscription box for your baby or toddler, Stork Stack is currently offering a great deal for current and new subscribers. It is the best deal I have ever seen them offer and I've been keeping an eye on this company for a while. It would make a great Christmas present or baby shower gift or just a fun surprise for you and your little one each month. 

      The codes are available for old subscribers, new subscribers, and for gift subscriptions. 
      For existing customers, e-mail to have extend your membership by 3, 6, or 12 months using the following coupon codes. 

      For new members and gift subscriptions, here are the coupon codes:

  • Use the code CYBERMONTHLY to get 20 percent off your first month subscription to Stork Stack. You will get your first month for $22.40, down from $28.
  • Use the code CM3 to receive $10 off your three-month subscription. This will make it $74. 
  • Use the code CM6 to receive $30 off a 6-month subscription or gift. This makes it $138. 
  • Use the code CM12 to receive $75 off a 12-month subscription or gift. This makes it $261.

To learn more about Stork Stack or sign up using one of the above codes, go here

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