Saturday, December 1, 2012

Amazing Christmas Card Deal (75 percent off)

     If you are looking to buy Christmas cards online this year, then look no further. I found a great deal where you can get 50 Christmas cards with printed envelopes for more than 75 percent off and with free shipping.
    We ordered our Christmas cards today and we are so excited about the great deal we got on them that we had to share! I had a coupon code for Tiny Prints, but even with the 30 percent off code, we were still going to be spending a ton on our cards. Luckily, I found a great deal on Plum District and we were able to get 50 Christmas cards with printed envelopes for just $20.70! Plum District is a great deals site and it's free to sign up.

       Right now, you can purchase a $50 credit for the card site for just $20 on Plum District. The best thing is that you can combine it with other offers on the site to save even more! Then you register on the Elli site and input your voucher code under the credit tab of your profile on the site. After doing that, you should have a $50 credit listed.

      After selecting the card we wanted and personalizing it, we put the 50 cards in our shopping cart with 50 personalized envelopes (which are 20 cents extra each). Our total came to $84.50. Then we entered the promo code CYBER40 (put this in exactly with the capitalization) for 40 percent off (this deal is available through December 2). That brought our total down to $50.70. We applied our $50 credit and were left with just 70 cents to pay. So for $20.70 total, we got $84.50 worth of cards. That's a savings of more than 75 percent off! If you want to take advantage of this deal, click HERE to purchase the Plum District deal and then don't forget to use the CYBER40 code by December 2. If you can't order by tomorrow and use the extra discount code, don't worry. You can still purchase the Plum District Deal through Wednesday and get 35 cards for just $22.

So to sum it up:
Buy the Plum District deal for $20 (for a $50 credit)
Pick out your Christmas card and personalize. They also have greeting card styles too.
Add 50 cards to your shopping cart and add printed envelopes for 20 cents extra each.
Your total will come to $84.50.
Use code CYBER40.
This will take $33.80 off your order and give you free shipping. 
Your total will be $50.70.
Apply your $50 credit from the Plum District deal.
Your total will by 70 cents.
You saved more than 75 percent.
Do a happy dance!

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  1. Yep, got this deal until they emailed me back five days later, post 40% off promotion, that they couldn't customize our cards like they said they could.

    Now, I'm stuck with the Plum District Deal and no cards!