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Stork Stack review (December box)

       I purchased a month of Stork Stack for 20 percent off last month in hopes of getting some fun items for Owen that could be put in his stocking this Christmas and to do a little comparison between it and another subscription box that I receive. Stork Stack is a monthly subscription box for babies and toddlers ages newborn to three. The company sends a box of five items each month for $28. Multi-month subscriptions offer discounted prices and the company also donates a box to charity for each membership purchased for 3, 6, or 12 months. Shipping is super fast for this company. My box shipped on Friday and I received it on Monday. 
      The theme this month was Rock, Roll, 'n Roar. Here's the description from the insert in the box: "Happy Holidays from Stork Stack! This month we have selected a variety of products that will encourage your little one to Rock, Roll, 'n Roar! Your kiddo will love to wear these BearHand Mittens - no more resistance from their little paws! Balls are one of the best gross motor toys to enjoy, and these ones from Rubbabu and Edushape will keep things rollin' thi month. With so many budding stars out there, we knew your family would be ready to rock - whether to the sounds of the classics on Rockabye Baby or the sounds of your little musicians jamming out with their musical instruments." I really loved the theme this month and I think they were really creative in their interpretation. There was a wide variety of items in the box and I was really pleased with everything we received. 
      The box we received was tailored to a 20-month-old boy. I was really happy that everything was very age and gender appropriate. 

Here's what we received in our box:
  • BearHands & Buddies Fleece Mittens ($12.99) - Combining fun and functionality, BearHands are unique, super-warm, Thinsulate lined, paw-shaped mittens. These mittens are super cute and actually match a hat that my aunt sent to Owen the other week. They are sized 18-36 months, so Owen will be able to get some good use out of them for the next year and a half. I like that the thumb is separate so that he has a little more mobility with his hands, but so far the weather hasn't been cold enough lately for him to need to wear them. 

  • Rockabye Baby "Good Day, Good Night" 2CD set ($24.98) - Rockabye Baby transforms rock favorites into beautiful instrumental lullabies, and this 2-CD set features exclusive new songs as well as Rockabye Baby's most requested jams! Tonight will rock as guitars and drums are traded for xylophones and bells. I have to admit that I probably love this CD more than Owen does. I have seen Rockabye Baby CDs before, but they normally feature a single musician on each CD. This is the first compilation CD that I've seen from them and it features a really good variety of songs and singers. I can't help but sing along to all the songs. Some of the songs featured on these discs are "Dream On" by Aerosmith, "Beautiful Day" by U2, and "Rock n Roll All Nite" by KISS. I thought the Good Day and Goodnight CDs were meant one for more upbeat daytime play and one for calming bedtime lullabies, but really the songs just  feature either the word day or night. Either way, I love them both. The lullaby version of James Brown's "Get Up Offa That Thing" is so fun and Owen cracks up every time I sing and dance along to it. 

  • Edushape Maracito ($3.25) - These 5-inch long maracas are ergonomically designed for big sound and small hands, and aid in fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and auditory sensory development. Owen was so happy when he pulled this out of the box. He shook it and held it up in the air crowing, "Balloon!" It was so cute. He was really excited about it, but he didn't know what to call it so he just called it the closest word he knew. It's the perfect size for his little hands and will be a great addition to his musical instrument collection. The rattling sound isn't uber annoying or loud, which is definitely a plus. 

  • Rockin' Green Detergent sampler ($1.25) - Rockin' Green is the perfect detergent for diapers, kid's clothes, uniforms, linens, and more. It's an eco-friendly laundry solution for the whole family. This sample contains enough detergent for four high efficiency washer loads. I tried this detergent for the first time yesterday when I washed a load of Owen's clothes. They came out so super soft and smelling fresh. The detergent is designed to remove residue and is supposedly great for washing cloth diapers too. There are three varieties specially formulated for hard water, soft water, and regular water (called hard rock, soft rock, and classic rock, haha!) There are also different scents. My sample was Smashing Watermelons. There was also a coupon included.
  • Rubbabu Educational Ball ($6.95) - Rubbabu's products are handmade from natural foam and encourage imaginative play and education at a young age. Rubbabu is a really great toy company. I like their vehicles too. This ball is really squishy and covered in a plush, velvety material. The natural rubber is great because it is antimicrobial, dust mite resistant, mildew resistant, hypoallergenic, and flame retardant. These balls also won a Parents Choice Award. Owen is a big fan of this ball. It is definitely his favorite item from the box and I couldn't keep his hands off it long enough for me to take a picture. 
All balls must be thrown immediately!
     The total value of this box was $49.42, which is a pretty good return for my investment and more than double what I paid. From looking at past month's reviews, Stork Stack seems to have a good variety of items and brands and is a fun monthly surprise. If you're interested in learning more about Stork Stack, click HERE.

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