Friday, December 21, 2012

The Friday Five

1. I am a winner! 
      While checking my Facebook account early on Wednesday I noticed that Amazon Video Games was having a giveaway for people with Xbox 360s at noon. I mentally filed it away to check back at noon if I had the opportunity. So after I made Owen a PB&J and sat him down with that and some pear slices for lunch, I realized it was 11:58 a.m. So I got on my computer, called up the Amazon Video Games Facebook page, and refreshed my page until the sweepstakes was announced. You had to send them an e-mail with a certain subject line and be either the 100th or 200th e-mail they received. And I was the 100th! It was so exciting and I was totally surprised to have won. We will be getting Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Need For Speed Most Wanted, and Darksiders II. I have no idea what most of those games are, but I am pretty sure I am one of the most awesome wives around! 

2. Every woman's ideal job... a.k.a. get paid to shop
      I received my first check from Ebates this week. It wasn't for the entire amount that I'm due, but I'm not sure how or when they send checks for your purchases. Either way, it was so exciting getting a check in the mail just for shopping online. And I know the concept of Ebates sounds like a hoax or scam, but getting that check in the mail showed me that this site is for real about what they do. If you're interested in signing up for Ebates and getting paid back a portion of what you spend online, here's the info:
      - Register (for free) with an e-mail address and click on one of the 1,500 retailers listed on the site to shop. If you buy something, you will get an e-rebate on your total purchase (for instance, 6 percent cash back at Macy's.) 
       - There are no fees or forms to mail in - they just send you a check in the mail! Now is a great time to sign up because many stores are doubling and even tripling the amount of cashback you can earn while holiday shopping. 
       - Free $10 giftcard of your choice when you sign up. (I chose Target).
       - I have already earned more than $35 since I joined. You can join HERE

3. January Julep reveal

       Julep revealed their five boxes for January yesterday and I may need sunglasses when I open my box next month because they are bright! For January, Julep is combining one neon color and one neutral color in each box. The featured product of the month is a hand and cuticle stick with shea butter and peptides. 
  •         The American Beauty box features Mindy (porcelain pink sheer), Bethany (electric neon orange-pink cream), and the hand and cuticle stick.
  •         The Boho Glam box features Teresa (opaque pink pearl frost), Fiona (electric neon green cream), and the hand and cuticle stick. 
  •         The Bombshell box features Ava (ballet slipper pink frost), Bette (electric neon purple cream), and the hand and cuticle stick.
  •          The Classic with a Twist box features Madison (electric neon hot pink cream), Grace (classic light pink sheer), and the hand and cuticle stick. 
  •          The It Girl box features Nina (electric neon orangesicle cream), Nikki (neon highlighter cream), and Amelia (light champagne frost). 
       Which box do you like best? If you are interested in trying out Julep for yourself and becoming a Maven, click HERE and use the code COLOR2012 or PENNY to get your introductory box for just a penny. The current intro boxes feature either two nail colors and cuticle oil or three nail colors. 

4. Time to potty!

     We received a $15 coupon for the website in our Citrus Lane box and after much thought and some debate, we decided to use it to buy something practical: a Baby Bjorn potty chair! Haha! I am actually pretty excited about introducing Owen to potty training because I would prefer not to have him wear diapers for forever and seriously, this thing is so cute, it might even make dealing with the results not as difficult. Ecomom is a really great website and their shipping is super reasonable - less than $3 for standard shipping. I got this $29.95 potty training seat for just $17.94 after using my $15 voucher. Any tips for beginning potty training?

5. Santa came early

     Because we are going to visit family for Christmas, Tim let me open some of my Christmas presents earlier this week. And one of them is something I was particularly excited about because I've been wanting one for more than a year: a cast iron dutch oven. I cannot wait to use it to make some delicious suppers. Pioneer Woman is constantly cooking in them and I can't wait to try some of her recipes that I've always avoided because I didn't have a dutch oven. The one that Tim got for me is the cranberry colored one. It's really pretty and almost a red wine color. 

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