Friday, February 15, 2013

Bump recap

Our ultrasound at 7w6d. The baby looks like a gummi bear.
        Well, where should I start? I had always thought after having Owen that we would begin trying for our second at his first birthday. Well, that date rolled around and the idea seemed crazy at the time. We were living in a hotel after all. And the idea of two children scared the living daylights out of me. So we waited and enjoyed each new stage and milestone that Owen reached. I started taking prenatal vitamins in the late fall (I always, well both times, try to start taking them at least a month before we start "trying") and one day (night?) we threw caution to the wind and decided that God would know when the time was right. 
        I got pregnant in the month of December and I took a pregnancy test that confirmed it on Christmas Day. It was three days before my period was supposed to show up and Tim had gotten up early to read the Bible. Once he left the bed, I was so anxious that I couldn't go back to sleep. So I snuck into the bathroom and then brought him the test so he could read the results for us. But we both already knew the test would be positive because I was napping nearly every afternoon and an Odwalla bar on the early morning drive to Tim's parent's house made me want to vomit. Plus I was getting up to use the bathroom about six times in the night.
       This pregnancy has been very similar to my pregnancy with Owen. Sometimes I feel more tired, but last time I didn't have an energetic toddler to chase around. I am craving many of the same foods that I craved with Owen, though I have had a major sweet tooth this time around. And I feel like my appetite is larger too. Sometimes I wake up in the night with my stomach growling and have to get up and have a small snack like a granola bar or a glass of milk. Like with Owen, I still haven't really had morning sickness. I've had aversions to a couple of foods, mainly the aforementioned Odwalla bar and coffee. Overall, I would bet that I will have another fairly normal pregnancy. And I can't wait until another few weeks have passed and I start feeling the baby move and start feeling pregnant. 
       I had my first doctor's appointment at 7w6d. We love our new doctor. She is super straight-forward and explains everything really well. She also took into account a lot of information about my first pregnancy. For instance, the fact that I make gigantic babies. She said they will monitor this baby's weight more closely so that I hopefully won't have to go through another labor with an almost 9 pounder. The other thing I really liked was how nice all the nurses and other support staff were to Owen. They didn't seem to mind at all that he was there and he was his usual charming self. I'm super excited that I get to have more ultrasounds this time around. With Owen, we got one at 7 weeks and then had to wait until 18 weeks to see him again. And after 19 weeks, after a trip to a local ultrasound boutique where we got more photos and a video, we didn't see him again until he was born. With this pregnancy, we had an ultrasound at my first appointment and we'll get another one at 12 weeks. We are so excited to see the baby again, especially because he or she will look more like a human being this time. 
       So far, we have been talking baby names quite a bit. We have several girl names that we like, but boy names are proving to be tougher. We have leftovers from when we were deciding Owen's name, but for some reason I feel weird naming a second son one of the names we decided wasn't good enough for his big brother. Does that make sense? So we're starting from scratch with boy names. Feel free to comment with suggestions. 
       We started taking weekly pictures of my "baby bump" at eight weeks and I've photoshopped in some information about each week so I can remember. I will be 11 weeks tomorrow and I will try to do a post each week about this pregnancy. (If for no other reason than that my mom wants to read about it every week.) We haven't announced this pregnancy on Facebook yet, but I'm fairly certain the majority of my Facebook "friends" don't read the blog. We will probably announce there after our next ultrasound unless we decide to do it sooner.

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  1. Loved reading about how you found out and hope you continue to feel well! If you are already 11 weeks and still doing good, I'd say you are close to being out of the woods on the morning sickness thing. You look great in all of your pictures!