Thursday, February 21, 2013

Citrus Lane review (February box)

      My February Citrus Lane box came yesterday and I wanted to share all the fun products that came inside. February's box was the second box we received after Citrus Lane made several changes to their subscription box program. For instance, they have done away with monthly themes so that they aren't limited by them as to what they can send each month and they can give out new products quicker without having them need to fit a theme. Though there is no theme, products will still be chosen based on the season and of course age and gender. 
       Also, starting in February, Citrus Lane began offering boxes for preschoolers in addition to infants and toddlers. You can have a subscription for kids from newborns to age 5.
      Here's the description from the new insert provided in the box: "Baby, it's cold outside. We're all anxiously awaiting the first signs of spring. This month's assortment of hand-picked products is a morning-to-night activity box of sorts, filled with things to make your days (and evenings) a little easier. From musical instruments to get everyone shaking and moving to bedtime stories that explore the great outdoors while we're stuck inside. And, don't forget to treat yourself to a little pampering too, with a beauty product that soothes and rejuvenates."
      Owen, of course, loved opening his box by himself again this month. He recognizes the Citrus Lane box and comes running to unpack it when I bring it in from the mailbox. We really loved our box this month and were happy with every item included. 

       This is the newly redesigned insert that came in the box. I really love the look of it. Once again, it features the little cartoon drawings at the top of the insert  that will at some point be used for activities, according to Citrus Lane. I do miss having the retail price listed on the sheet so I don't have to look it up on the Internet. 
      And here's what we received in our box this month. Owen received a box for a 22-month-old boy. (I included the product description from the box as well as my opinion on the product in italics):
  • Hand Drum from Hohner Kids: Let them march to their own beat with this easy-to-grip hand drum from the musical geniuses at Hohner Kids. A child-safe mallet produces a pleasing sound and attaches to the side of the drum when the jam session is done. We thought you'd enjoy introducing your child to the love of music now, so we are sending it a little early for them to grow into. Owen is loving this drum. He hasn't really shown an interest in musical instruments in the past, but he really likes drumming on this. Retails for $12.00.

  •  Sea Animals from Chronicle Books: Introduce your mini marine biologist to the mysteries of the ocean with this beautifully illustrated board book. Using simple and informative text they'll learn about everything from sea otters and sea turtles to whales, sharks, and dolphins. This book is really beautifully illustrated, but maybe a little too wordy for Owen right now. He seemed to be bored when I read it to him and kept trying to turn the pages. But maybe he'll like it better when he is older. And we love getting books so we can't complain. Retails for $6.99.
  • Little Buddy Wipes from Me4Kidz: With flu season in full swing, add this pack of antibacterial wipes to your diaper bag arsenal for on-the-go cleaning of messy faces, grimy hands, and even small scrapes. Infused with a fresh cucumber and tea-tree scent that kids love, the wipes kill 99 percent of germs without the sting of alcohol. While not the most exciting product to receive, I love getting practical items like this. I don't think I've had to buy antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer since I've started getting subscription boxes. Retails for $2.49. 
  • Tooth Gel from Branam: Keep those pearly whites sparkling from the start with this tooth gel, free from fluoride, SLS, and saccharin. Developed by a pediatric dentist - and recommended by dentists, pediatricians, and pharmacists - the gel contains Xylitol, which is clinically proven to reduce cavity-causing bacteria and is safe to swallow. Perfect for 6 months - 4 years or whenever the first tooth emerges. We recently switched Owen over to real toothbrush (over a finger brush) and have been using Thomas the Train toothpaste. I am interested in trying this toothpaste to see how we like it. Another practical item, this is one we will for sure use. Also, the tube is huge compared to most of the tiny kid toothpastes at the store. Retails for $5.69.

  •  Lip Balm from Pangea Organics: We're so happy to share Pangea Organics' fair-trade, cruelty-free cosmetics with you! This full-sized tube of vitamin-rich, organic lip balm will protect your lips from winter's cold, dry air. We love its delicious but hard-to-place lavender cardamom scent. Plus, you'll feel good knowing that their products are always nurturing, hadncrafted, and organic. I am not generally all that excited to see products for mom in these type of subscription boxes, but this seems like a really great brand Though honestly, I hope I don't like it too much because $12 is way too much to spend on lip balm. Retails for $12.00.

       Another new change at Citrus Lane is the referral program and current coupon codes. Currently, new members can save $10 on a subscription if they sign up through a referral link from someone who is already a Citrus Lane member. The Citrus Lane member will also receive a $10 credit. My referral link can be found HERE. I am unaware of any additional coupon codes currently since they started this new referral system, but the great thing about Citrus Lane is that they offer deals for subscribers to renew their subscriptions a few times a year and that is how I've gotten a big discount in the past. 
     I have subscribed to several subscription boxes for babies and toddlers and Citrus Lane has been the only one to consistently impress me with the quality of their products, their customer service, and their price. In fast, I have canceled my subscriptions with all their competitors because I was tired of being disappointed by them.
     If you want to see more of my reviews, you can check out the December box HERE and included in the post is a link to the boxes all the way back to June. 


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