Monday, February 18, 2013

Bump update: 11 Weeks

       According to our pregnancy app, the baby is similar in length to a fig and is busy moving around inside my uterus. The baby is estimated to be 1.61 inches long from crown to rump and weighs approximately .25 ounces. This week is the beginning of a three week period where the baby will double in length. Tiny fingernails are beginning to form. Bones are beginning to harden and tiny tooth buds are forming under the gums.

       I have been feeling pretty good this week. I am not as tired as I have been and I've had the energy to exercise a bit more, which feels great. I have been doing a Sara Haley workout DVD and Tim and I have been doing some of the P90X workouts as well, particularly the abs workout while I'm still able to exercise on my back. I am hoping the weather will begin to warm up more over the next month so that I can go on walks with Owen. I have been planning my meals out each day to make sure that I am getting enough fruits and vegetables and dairy (for those growing bones). I typically eat about five times a day: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert. Dessert recently has been either strawberries or fruit sherbet of some kind. This week's flavors are cherry, mango, and raspberry. Having this many "meals" helps me to feel good all day long since I can get kind-of queasy if I let myself get too hungry before eating. 
       Other than that, I have had very few pregnancy side effects/symptoms/whatever you want to call it. My nose has been pretty stuffy and dry and I'm still feeling a little bit of the first trimester fatigue. I also have the use the bathroom about a million times a night. I have been more emotional this week and feel like I could cry at the drop of a hat (and have). But overall, I'm feeling really good and I am looking forward to feeling more "pregnant" in the coming weeks. 
       We have a doctor's appointment for an ultrasound coming up later this week. That and a blood test will help the doctor's look out for any abnormalities and a week later, we will have a follow-up appointment with my doctor to check the baby's progress and discuss the results of the testing. We are so excited to see the baby on the ultrasound again and I can't wait to have more photos to share with our family and friends. 

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  1. I've been feeling super sick this past week. I think part of my problem is I'm not eating frequently enough and the other is that nothing sounds good. I'm hoping this phase passes quickly! Hope your ultrasound and appointment go smoothly, you are looking great!