Friday, February 8, 2013

The Friday Five

  •  Valentine's Day. I've really been a slacker in getting ready for this Valentine's Day. Last year, I was so on top of it and had gifts for Tim and Owen planned, dinner planned, art projects and sweets planned, all of it. This year, I haven't a clue what we're doing, eating, etc. I do have a gift for Tim (see the tennis shoes above), but only because he'd shown them to me on Amazon several times and I just said, "Order them for yourself. Happy Valentine's Day." Owen and I did do a Valentine's Day-ish craft this morning where we used a bent toilet paper tube to stamp hearts on some paper. I'm thinking I will fold the paper in half and use them as my Valentine's Day cards this year too. What are you planning for this Valentine's Day? Have you planned everything or are you behind like me?
  • Ebates Big Check Time! I am really excited because it's time for Ebates to mail out their checks for this quarter. I am not expecting a ton, but free money is free money, right? I made some of my money from shopping, but you also get cash back for referring friends who then go on to make a purchase. I have referred five people, but only one person has actually made a purchase. So if you are one of those four people, don't forget to use your account when you shop online! It is sometimes hard for me to remember to use it, so I just bookmarked Ebates so I will see it and remember. If you haven't signed up for Ebates and would like to, I would be happy if you would use my link HERE.
  • Happy Family + Bluum Giveaway. I found out earlier this week that I won a giveaway online from Happy Family and Bluum. I will be receiving more than $60 worth of snacks and treats from Happy Family. I really love this company, which sells organic and natural baby and toddler foods. I bought primarily from them when Owen still ate baby food and I really love their unique variety of flavors. They have since introduced tons of snacks for toddlers and I'm excited for Owen to get to try all of their products. 
  • Goodies Co. I signed up for a new subscription box company to give it a try. For just $7 a month, the Goodies Co. Taster's Box features an assortment of trial sized food samples. The company is still in beta testing, so they are only available through invitation. You can request an invitation HERE. Just FYI, that is not a referral link. It took about three weeks for me to receive an invitation and I am not set to receive a box until March, but I've heard really good things about this company and it seems like great value for the price. 
    Okay, so that's only four things for this week, but I got nothing else. Have a great weekend! 

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