Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pop Sugar Must Have review (February box)

  Even though my first Pop Sugar Must Have box was a bit of a let down, I was still intrigued by the company and I still really loved the variety of items the company includes in their subscription boxes. So I was really excited when Tim bought me the February box for my Valentine's Day present. I was interested to see the variety of full-size products from categories like beauty, food, fitness, fashion, home, and entertainment. And I was pretty certain it would be a good box with some Valentine's-themed items. The boxes cost $35 a month and are guaranteed to be worth more than $100.

     I received the my box on Saturday and was so excited to see what I got. Tim was really excited about it too and brought it inside and made me open it as soon as we saw that it had been delivered. I think he enjoyed checking out all the items almost as much as I did. And it made a really great Valentine's Day gift because it included a ton of really girly and fun items. He was so happy once we opened it up and saw how much I liked everything.  

     Each box comes with an awesome fold-out brochure that details all the contents of the box. Here is the description for this month's box: "Whether you're single or coupled up, love is in the air in February. Spoil yourself with a luxurious after-bath wrap, pucker up with a new lip color, and update your undergarments. Get wrapped up in a romantic love story before seeing it on the big screen while indulging in classic Valentine's Day treats: chocolate and conversation hearts. We hope you enjoy these special valentines from us."

And here's what came inside!

Must Have Fashion
  • Brokedown Spa Wrap ($84): This spa wrap is from the same company that sent the infamous scarf in the September Pop Sugar Must Have box. I received the white one, but it comes in five different colors. This wrap was launched exclusively in this box. The box also included a code for 30 percent off a purchase at Brokedown Clothing. This wrap is super soft and really cute. It is one size fits all and fits me perfectly (for now). It is really stretchy around the top so I see how it could fit a variety of people. It is rather short though, so I can imagine that a really tall woman would have a problem with it. But since you basically wear it in the bathroom while you're drying your hair, I don't think it would be that big of a deal. I am surprised at the high value of this item, which more than makes up for the entire price of the box. 

Must Have Entertainment

  • "Safe Haven" by Nicolas Sparks ($7.99): The insert says to "embrace your inner romantic with a copy of this book and a download code for a song from the soundtrack, "The Journey" by FM Radio. This book was appropriate since the movie was released in theaters on Valentine's Day. I have read several Nicholas Sparks books and while I find them pretty cheesy and formulaic, I won't mind reading this one. And then maybe once the movie goes to video, I can convince Tim to let me rent it from the Redbox and watch it together. 

 Must Have Home

  • Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleaner ($7.99): This quick and safe cleanser gel and toothbrush set is easy to use and won't harm your jewelry or irritate your skin. It works on gold, platinum, and gemstones. I was so super excited to receive this in the box. I had jewelry cleaner back when we lived in Washington, but it was one of the items we had to toss because the moving company refuses to ship liquids. So my wedding and engagement rings have been getting pretty grime-y. I used this cleanser and my diamond is back to disco ball shiny again. 

Must Have Fashion

  • Hanky Panky Lace Original Rise Thong ($20): According to the insert, these panties are "comfortable, colorful, and just sexy enough to be worn for both your everyday and special occasions. Avoid visible panty lines with the flattering cut and fit." These are marketed as The World's Most Comfortable Thongs. I have heard of them before, but I have never spent $20 for one pair of underwear before. So they must be comfortable. I received the Diva Blue color, but they sent out several different colors in the boxes this month. Again, this is another "one size fits all" product that supposedly fits a size 4 through a size 14. A coupon was also included for 15 percent off a future purchase of Hanky Pankys. 

Must Have Beauty

  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain ($7.49): The insert says, "This lightweight stain works double duty, moisturizing your lips while also keeping the color on for hours." The container looks like a big crayon. I received the color Crush. It is a darker color than I would pick out for myself, but it seemed to fade some throughout the day and looked better. 

Must Have Food 

  • Mariebelle New York's Tresor Box ($12): I received the dark chocolate pearls. They are pretty tasty, but the pieces are really small so they are something you'd eat by the handful. Chocolate was a must-have for a February box though. The packaging is super cute too. 

Must Have Extra

  • Sweethearts Conversation Hearts ($1): These don't really add to the value of the box, but are a great nostalgic candy to include in a Valentine's themed box. I have hardly eaten these since I was a kid in school and it was a fun treat to share with Tim one afternoon. Though I distinctly remember the yellow ones tasting like banana and these were definitely lemon. That was a bit of a let-down since those were my favorites. I was interested in these flavors because they were quite different than I remembered. For instance, the green one is lime flavored and I don't recall that being the case when I was a kid. Mainly they just tasted chalky. 

      After tallying up the price for all the products in the box, I came up with a total value of about $140. I think this is a great value for the price of the box and I was really happy with everything included. And while I've heard of some of the items and brands, I have never tried any of these products before (well, except the conversation hearts.) I love trying new products and getting things that I normally wouldn't splurge on to buy for myself.    
     If you are interested in signing up for Pop Sugar Must Have, don't forget to use the code REFERFRIENDS or REFER5 for $5 off your first box. The boxes sell out quickly sometimes, but currently the March box is still available. And if you are not happy with your subscription, you can cancel easily online through your profile. No having to call a phone number and sit on hold to talk to a customer service rep!

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