Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cotton Booty review (June box)

     Cotton Booty is a new box subscription for cloth diapers and accessories that just shipped out its first boxes last month. Because I am interested in trying out different types of cloth diapers and related products, I thought this would be a fantastic subscription box for me to order. I loved last month's box and was really excited to see what I would get this month. I also love that I am truly surprised with what's inside because it's difficult to accidentally run across spoilers online since its such a new box. 
       Cotton Booty costs $24.99 a month (extended subscriptions are discounted) and includes one name brand cloth diaper, a "fun" item, and a cloth diaper related sample. You customize your box by selecting between girl, boy, and gender neutral options. The box ships first class mail and this month mine took only two days to arrive at my house in Kentucky from their store in Pennsylvania. This month, the package arrived in a padded manilla envelope because the products weighed too much for them to ship like they did last month. Who's complaining? Not me! 
        I received the boy box this month so my items were all tailored to a baby boy. I have not seen any other boxes online at this point so I can't tell you what came in the girl and gender neutral boxes yet, but I will update with that information if I come across it. 
        Here's what came inside my June box:
  • Bumkins Reusable Stuff-it Diaper with two minky inserts ($15.95): This Bumkins diaper is a slim fitting pocket style that features stay-dry wicking fleece interior and adjustable, removable absorbency for quick laundering. Bumkins Stuff-it diapers come with two minky inserts. I haven't heard much about Bumkins cloth diapers, but it is really soft and I love the print we received. It seems a little bulky, but we'll see what it looks like once we actually get it prepped and on a baby. 
     The diaper that I received in the boy box came in the Fire Engine print. I included a picture of the back of the diaper so you can see the print better. It's so cute and Owen already loves it, especially the cute little dalmatian dog. I like that the diapers came with the snaps and not the aplix (aka Velcro). The girl box came with the Tweet pattern diaper. The gender neutral box came with the new Turtle print.
  • Bumkins Wet Bag ($10.95):  The print I received is called Yellow Fish and is based on Dr. Seuss's "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." I would describe it as a medium sized wet bag that would be good for carrying in your diaper bag. Owen also loved the print of this because he loves Dr. Seuss and easily recognized it. The gender neutral and girl boxes also received this same pattern wet bag.  
  •  Milky! Herbal Tea Supplement for Lactation Enhancement ($2.50): This product is described as, "created to enhance and improve lactation, Milky! is a delicious alternative to fenugreek tea, which boosts milk production." The supplement is all natural and tastes like strawberry and ginger. A discount code for 10 percent off a purchase of Milky! was included. I am really excited to try this once our new baby is born. I had really good success with fenugreek and mother's milk tea with Owen and this seems like a really interesting way to increase lactation without the hassle of steeping tea. The only downfall is the price. After checking out the website, I found that a two week supply of Milky! costs $60, or $54 with the discount. Still, I will be interested to try it in a couple months. 

      I came up with a total retail value of $29.40 for the items in this box, which is almost $5 more than what I paid for it. This is a great value for a box with such a niche market that is just starting out. I am really happy with my first box and look forward to learning more about cloth diapering and testing out more products in the months to come. If you're interested in trying Cotton Booty, check out their Facebook page or sign up on their website. If you use my link, you will receive $5 off your first purchase.  


  1. I cant wait to get mine!

  2. Hello! Great review- I received my first box this month and opted for gender-neutral, even though I have a 16 month old daughter. My wetbag is the same Dr. Seuss print, and my diaper is a cute green and blue turtle print. I also agree that the wetbag would be great for the diaper bag as it is thinner than many other brands.

  3. don't want to burst your bubble but i got the same box and tried the milky stuff. i thought it tasted awful. with that said i am very happy it came as a sample in the box to try and i didn't go out and buy it. the box i think is totally cool! as a mom i spend very little on myself---heck last haircut i got was last its nice to get something fun in the mail and not feel too guilty b/c its for the kids too.