Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mountain vacation photos

     Last week we went on vacation to the mountains in Tennessee with my parents. I didn't broadcast it all over the place because I didn't want people somehow figuring out where I live and robbing our house or something like that. (We'd miss all three valuable things they would be able to find.) Tim only came on the weekends since he doesn't want to take time off work and instead is saving up vacation hours for when the baby is born. We had a really nice time relaxing and playing in the mountains. 
      We actually went on a hike on our first full day there (go me!) and I only had one person comment that she was glad I didn't go into labor while on the hike. Thanks, lady, I only look like I'm about to pop. I still have at least two months to go. Owen had a great time too and was able to hike with us for a bit of it before we put him in his carrier. 

A blurry shot, but proof we made it to the end to see the waterfall!

Also, proof that if you take your toddler on a hike every day, they won't fight naptime.

This was the view from the deck of the cabin we stayed in. 

       Owen's favorite part of the trip was going to Cades Cove, a nature preserve with picnic grounds and a loop you can drive through to check out the mountains, animals, and some cabins/churches from when people actually still lived there. Every time we got in the car, Owen asked to go to Cades Cove to "play in the river and see the animals."

Picking up rocks from the river was super fun. 

Owen apparently has some of my OCD tendencies because he had to organize his rocks in a row. 

Owen's other favorite part of going through Cades Cove was getting to sit in my dad's lap as we drove part of the loop. 

We were really fortunate on our second trip to Cades Cove to see five black bears, including this mother with her two babies. 

Throwing giant rocks in the water to make big splashes was also a highlight for Owen. 


  1. What an awesome get away! It looks so beautiful up there in the mountains. I've been getting lots of comments too about being due in July...I'm like "um, no actually the end of Sept." You are awesome to be hiking and being so active. I feel like the only activity I've been getting lately is 30 minute walks or chasing Aiden around! I'm sure your family loved spending time with Owen too!

  2. I love all of these pictures!!! The last picture has to be my favorite though...can we say two peas in a pod!