Monday, June 3, 2013

Fun in the Sun (Kelly's Closet Giveaway!)

      Summer is almost here and with it comes lots of outdoor play, vacations, and more. We aren't going to beach this year, but my son loves being outside and I have to find ways to keep him cool and safe from the harmful rays of the sun. Here are some of our favorite things to do during the day this summer and some of my must-have products for Owen. 
  • Playing in the Pool

      Like most people, we love spending a lot of our summer in the water. We aren't members of a local pool, so we've been hanging out in an inflatable pool in our backyard. This is a cheap way to entertain your kiddo and I swear Owen would spend the whole day in the pool if I let him. My must-have for playing in the pool is a reusable swim diaper. At Kelly's Closet, I like the My Swim Baby Swim Diapers. They come in several cute patterns (my favorite is Navy Swim Friends) and they cost only $9.95. There are many reasons to use a reusable swim diaper: they are more economical, they are more effective than disposable swim diapers at containing No. 2,  they're eco-friendly, and they are free of the chemicals and hold their shape better than disposable swim diapers. Kelly's Closet also offers coordinating rash guard shirts which provide even more sun protection!
  • Playing Water Games

       Another way to keep cool during the summer while entertaining a toddler, is to play games with water. Our favorite is one we call "Put the Fire Out." I draw a house with a ladder up to a "fire" on our driveway using sidewalk chalk and then instruct Owen to use a bucket of water with a sponge to carry up and down the ladder to squeeze on the fire to put it out. He loves playing fireman and its a great way to expend some energy. Even though he's not in a bathing suit, I make sure to cover Owen with sunscreen to protect his skin from the harmful effects of the sun. I prefer to use natural and organic sunscreen on Owen because his skin is so sensitive. Kelly's Closet offers one of my favorite brands: Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35. This sunscreen is perfectly safe for babies and toddlers and has been okayed by the Environmental Working Group as free of harmful ingredients. 
  • Picnics at the Park
        There's just something about eating outside that makes lunch more fun. Sometimes when we're stuck in a rut with our day-to-day routine, I will take us "out" for lunch. No, not to a fast food place, just outside. And when we're driving to visit family or going on vacation, we typically pack a picnic to eat at a rest stop rather than eating at a restaurant to save money and give Owen a place to run around and stretch his legs. Kelly's Closet sells reusable snack and sandwich bags that make taking our lunch on the go or to a picnic that much easier. And it saves us from using (and trashing) tons of disposable plastic bags. I like the Planet Wise Zippered Sandwich Bags. They come in more than a dozen different patterns and cost just $7.99. 
  • Hiking/Sightseeing
     We love being outdoors as a family. One of the things we like to do is explore the area where we live now and do a little sightseeing and hiking. The above photo is from our trip to Cumberland Falls last summer. We are hoping to hike the Pinnacles soon. My must-have for hiking with a baby or toddler is a comfortable, supportive carrier. Owen likes to walk, but sometimes we want to move a little faster or he will get tired and having a great carrier makes it so much easier. We have a Beco Butterfly II carrier, but Kelly's Closet sells several great looking carriers. In particular, I am interested in the Moby Wrap Moby Go. We love our traditional Moby Wrap and they had not come out with this product when we were buying baby gear. It only costs $79.95 and will accommodate a baby from 15-45 pounds!
       For more of the best products for summer, check out Kelly's Closet's Top Five Summer Must-Haves for Baby HERE. In addition to my must-haves of a swim diaper, sunscreen, and reusable snack bags, they include a swim shirt, a swim hat, and a wet bag. These all would be necessities for us this summer if we were headed to the beach! 

      Now, here's the really fun part! Kelly's Closet is offering a giveaway for a $100 gift certificate to purchase all the items you need to keep your little one healthy and happy this summer. Complete the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter. The giveaway ends at June 30 at midnight EST. One winner will be selected. Must be over 18 years of age and a resident of the United States.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
    If you can't just can't wait to purchase some of these great items, Kelly's Closet is also offering a special coupon code through its affiliates that you won't find anywhere else! Use the code SUNANDFUN to save $5 on your purchase of $25 or more. 


  1. I love your put out the fire game! It's the perfect thing to do with my nephew, especially if we involve his fir trucks. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  2. we love to play in the crik... just enough water to splash around without actually getting in our suits... :-)

  3. Love the Fire game, we have been setting up sprinklers this summer, though we have had more rainy days than sun lately.

  4. We love our reusable swim diapers too! We don't have a big pool for Aiden, but a small one which he loves. I LOVED the moby wrap, I saw that Moby carrier too and am thinking about buying one. I have a baby bjorn that I used off and on, but it was really hard on my shoulders when Aiden got older. I'd like to find a carrier with more support.

  5. We stay cool by staying in the ocean.

  6. I love going to the splash pad and enjoying some popsicles whole we are there. Nothing like a tan, popsicles and sunshine!!:)

  7. I love the print of that swim diaper!

  8. Thank you for the awesome tips! I'm so excited to have found your blog!

  9. I love looking at Kelly's Closet but never have money to buy! lol