Monday, June 3, 2013

Owen Lately

       I have abandoned doing monthly updates on Owen now that he is two, but I want to post some more random updates on him every once in a while to keep the grandparents happy. He is at such a fun age right now. Here are some fun facts about Owen lately:
  • Owen's favorite song is "You Are My Sunshine." He loves singing in general and wants us to sing with him a lot. He has also starting humming little made-up tunes which is really cute. 
  • Owen used to be a complete Daddy's boy, but recently he has been asking for me to put him to bed every night. A tiny part of me is really enjoying this. I only have a few more months with him as my baby. He is going to seem so old and big once the baby is born. 
  • If Owen had his way, he would play cars and trains and play in the pool all day long with some book reading thrown in. 
  • His current favorite foods are scrambled eggs and pepperoni, which he pronounces "pepper-honi."
  • Owen has gotten really mischievous lately. He has started to ask us to leave the room when he wants to do something that he knows he's not supposed to do. And yesterday, he came and shut the door to our bathroom while I was drying my hair so that he could play on my tablet in the bedroom without asking (something we've been working on getting him to do). 
  • He has an amazing memory and can remember the names of people he has met only once. He knows the names of people at the library and the post office and church. And at a recent work barbecue with people from Tim's job, he impressed several of them by calling them by name.
  • Owen hates having his hair washed lately and screams like a banshee whenever we bathe him. We have tried doing it all different ways and nothing helps. Hopefully this stage will end soon. He still likes playing in the bath after we're done washing him. 
  • We have started teaching Owen to recognize lower case letters. We call them "little" letters. He is a super sponge lately so it shouldn't take long. 
  • Owen loves Barefoot Books books that come with a CD of the book as a song. We watch them on Youtube and he has memorized a lot of them. 


  1. He is so cute... and so big!!! Love the pool, that little seat must come in handy. :)

  2. Goodness, he is so cute and looks SO grown up!