Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our 2011 Christmas card(s)

     I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. There's just something about going to the mailbox and pulling out a bunch of cards to feel the goodwill and love of the season. I practically race to the mailbox each day to see if we've gotten any. On a side note, I think this is the year for procrastination (or maybe people don't send Christmas cards anymore) because we've only received six so far. Since we're leaving next week, we might have to call some of them New Year's cards because we won't get them until we get back from visiting family for Christmas.
     This year was especially fun because we have such a cute subject for the photo on our Christmas card. In the past, we just sent a regular Christmas card with a letter detailing our year in review, but this year, we wanted to do a photo card. The only problem is that I can count the number of photos of the three of us on one hand and none of them seemed Christmas card worthy. So I just did multiple photo shoots with Owen to get the perfect photo for our Christmas card. Then the only problem was choosing the best photo because we had so many good ones to pick from. In the end, we selected three different photos and sent out three versions of our Christmas card once we found one with wording that we liked. (It had to say Christmas and not holidays, for instance). We tried to alternate who we sent them to so that if you got one version, chances are that someone else you know got one of the other versions. For instance, Tim's parents, his brother Joseph and his wife Leah, and Tim's sister Jenny each got one of the three versions so they would be able to see all of them at some point. 
     We also decided against writing a Christmas letter because most of our family and friends read the blog so they already know what is going on in our lives. In the future, I will probably include the blog address on our Christmas card for those who don't know it. 
     Here are the three versions. Each of them also had a photo of Owen with Santa on the back. Which one is your favorite?

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