Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Christmas

     We celebrated Christmas this past weekend because we will be going to Georgia to visit our families in a few days. We wanted to be able to have our own little family Christmas and start our own traditions with Owen. We began our day when Owen woke us up with a big family snuggle in bed. Then we moved our celebration to the kitchen to feed Owen and I made sausage balls like my mom typically makes for Christmas. While they were baking, we sat down around the tree with my Bible and Owen's book "Christmas in the Manger." Tim and I began the tradition of reading Chapter 2 in Luke before opening presents on our first Christmas together and have done it ever since. 
Owen paid very close attention. Even though there are no pictures.
     Then I read Owen his new Christmas book. It is a very cute book with a page devoted to each of the people and animals present at the birth of Christ. Owen loves to pat the pages and talk along with me.
Reading about Baby Jesus."I
 am the baby asleep on the hay. And I am the reason for Christmas Day!"
      Then we began opening presents, focusing mainly on opening most of Owen's gifts so we could get him down for his morning nap. Opening presents with Owen is so much fun because he still thinks ripping the wrapping paper is the most funny thing ever and he can grab the bows off and sometimes get the top off the boxes by himself if there isn't any tape holding it shut. He had so much fun playing with all the paper and ribbons.
And the fun begins...
Happy little elf.
My new rug is so soft and fun to touch.
Laughing at the sound of ripping paper.
Poppity Pop Dino! And a baby who can pull up to standing on pretty much anything!
Bows are the best part. And the paper. And what's inside. Okay, everything about opening presents is the best!
Peeling the tape off so I can get in that box.

Petting Follow Me Fred. Not so sure if we love him though.
Owen's special "tag" blanket.
This is probably Owen's favorite present. He plays with this activity table every day.
     We spent the rest of the day playing with Owen's new toys and having fun together. I made Christmas dinner for us to have that evening and we ate it off our wedding china.
Roast chicken, cajun tater puppies and pecan green beans. Yum!

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