Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tasty Thursday (Christmas edition)

     Well, we have less than a week until we will be back home in Georgia for Christmas! We are so excited. I'm especially excited because Tim hasn't been back home since July! I think it will be so sweet when everyone gets to see him. And Owen, of course. I am pretty anxious about flying home though because flying is always stressful to begin with, but adding a baby into the mix is just that much more stressful. But at least this time, I'll have Tim with me to help wrangle all our bags and Owen's stuff. Also, to get a better deal on our plane tickets, we had to buy ones that flew out of Spokane and not our airport and we have two layovers! That's three separate plane flights! Oh, the things we do for our families. We will leave early and get in late so we will have a full day of traveling and I'm hoping that Owen will be his normal cheerful self for most of the day. Though with teething still going on, all bets are off. Literally all we want for Christmas is Owen's two front teeth. Haha. 
    We have a short menu week because we will be going to Spokane on Tuesday night after Tim gets off work so that we won't have to wake up in the middle of the night and drive up there in order to make our early morning flight. We will be staying with Tim's aunt and uncle. We are planning on having our own Christmas dinner this weekend when we will open our presents to one another and celebrate before we go home to Georgia. I can't wait! 

Thursday: This week our meals were pushed back a day again because we went to Spokane last Friday for the day and had dinner with Tim's aunt and uncle that night instead. So tonight we will be having chicken fajitas.
Friday: We will be having our own Christmas dinner on Friday night after spending the day opening presents and playing with Owen's new toys. I will be making Creole Butter Roasted Capon with Pecan Green Beans and Cajun Tater Puppies. I found these recipes in the latest issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine.

     And for dessert on our special Christmas day? Eggnog cupcakes! Eggnog is a very polarizing drink and luckily for me, Tim and I are both firmly in the pro-eggnog camp. The recipe is from Annie's Eats. 
Saturday: Leftover chicken with be used in Skinny Taste's chicken pot pie soup
Sunday: Order pizza. We will be having to take our tree down, pack for our trip, clean up the house, etc. etc. etc. so I am going to order pizza to take one thing off our to-do list for the day. 
Monday: Skinny Taste Crock Pot Turkey Meatballs. These are super easy and something that I can throw in the slow cooker and then not worry about for the rest of the day. And the sauce is beyond yummy. Plus I have enough half-used boxes of pasta in my cabinet to feed a small Italian village. 

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  1. Looks like a tasty Christmas! Let me know all the great gifts Santa brings you, Owen, and Tim!