Friday, December 16, 2011

Pinspiring Friday!

     This week, I got together with some friends from my mom's group to make ornaments with our babies' hands and feet. It was really fun. We got the idea from Pinterest. Here is the original picture where we got the directions and inspiration. 
     To make the salt dough ornaments, you just mix flour, salt, and water to make the dough. Then we cut the dough into circles large enough for their hands to fit on. We used Owen's hand to figure out which size to make because he has the biggest hands of the four boys. Actually making the imprints was the hardest part as anyone with a baby knows. I think it took me three tries to get a handprint without Owen grabbing through the ornament dough or scrunching up his hand. And then I made a footprint, though I had to flatten the dough circle some and stretch it out to make it large enough for Owen's big foot. 
So cute. And the fact that they aren't perfect kind-of make them that much better.
Here we are making our handprint ornament.
     To finish the ornament, you bake it in the oven for an hour on 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Mine were still a little doughy so I left them out overnight to continue to harden.
Baby foot.
Sweet baby hand. And with the correct number of fingers too!
     I also made a recipe from Pinterest last night for our "Christmas" dessert. I made eggnog cupcakes from a recipe on Annie's Eats
      They turned out pretty good, but the frosting was super sweet and Tim said the cake part tasted a little like sweet cornbread. Not sure what that's about, but overall they were pretty tasty and we enjoyed them. Not sure if I will ever make them again though. If I do try to make eggnog cupcakes again, I may try to mess around with some other recipes I have and come up with my own version.
    And as an added bonus, here is a cute picture of Owen that I took yesterday when it was snowing a little in the morning. I had the curtains pulled back to let in a little light and he just crawled right over to the window and stared at the snow coming down and then sat up and patted the window and babbled about the snow. So precious.

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