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The Honest Company Review: Part 3

      I have been a subscriber to The Honest Company since July 2012. For those who may not know, the company (founded by actress Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan) offers a monthly delivery service for their personal brand of all-natural environmentally friendly diapers and wipes as well as household cleaning and beauty products. The diapers and wipes bundle costs $79.95 a month and the family essentials bundle (your choice of 5 of their personal grooming and household cleaning products) costs $35.95 a month. Shipping is free if you order both bundles and in the recent months, they have offered the ability to add up to three extra products to your bundle at 25 percent off retail value. I take advantage of this deal every month, particularly now that they offer so many new products.  
    Since joining this subscription service, I have been able to try out a ton of their products and have reviewed almost 20 of them. My previous reviews of The Honest Company are some of the highest read posts on my blog so I thought it would be a good idea to update with some of the newer products that I have tried in the past few months as part of my essentials bundle. There are eight new products included in this review, but you can check out my previous reviews HERE and HERE 

Here are some of the newer products I have tried over the past few months!
  • Suds Up Bamboo Brush and Ceramic Soap Dish: This set allows you to add a small amount of dish soap to the basin, add a little water, and then pump the brush up and down to create suds for dishwashing. The plant-based and recycled plastic bristles are tough on kitchen messes, but gentle and non-scratching on all types of cookware and dishes. I hardly use this for creating soap suds, but I do enjoy using the brush and find it helps to clean off dried on food. I like the ceramic dish as a pretty place to store the brush when not in use. This product is new and very popular and is currently sold out in The Honest Company online store. 

  • Honest Organic Lip Balm Trio: This set of three organic lip balms is great for sharing with the entire family. They contain organic jojoba, olive, sunflower, and coconut oils as well as shea butter and aloe leaf extract to hydrate and protect lips from moisture loss and come in three flavors: Sweet Orange Vanilla, Purely Simple, and Lavender Mint. I bought these lip balms at Christmas to put in our Christmas stockings and both Tim and I were pleased with them. Though we do fight over who gets the orange vanilla one. It's the best! Retails for $9.95.  

  • Honest Body Oil: This 4.4 fluid ounce bottle of body oil uses certified organic olive, jojoba, tamanu and sunflower oils to moisturize skin. It is 100 percent natural, vegan, and biodegradable. I love this body oil, particularly the non-greasy formula the yummy coconut blossom scent. I use it both on Owen's sensitive skin and on my pregnant belly. I also love the dispenser because once you pull the top up to open it, you can easily close it by pressing down on the top again with the side of your hand once you have oil all over them. This prevents the bottle from getting oil all over the outside of it and it great when you're trying to close it and keep hold of a squirmy baby (or toddler). Retails for $9.95.

  • Honest Hand Sanitizer: This hand sanitizer comes in an eight ounce bottle and a two pack of travel-sized bottles (2 ounces each). The sanitizer includes botanicals like aloe and Vitamin E for extra moisturizing to prevent skin from drying out after use. The formula also contains natural wood cellulose and vegetable glycerin to thicken 62 percent alcohol into a gel. Provides long-lasting protection against germs and bacteria and is carbomer-free! I enjoy using this hand sanitizer when I need to quickly sanitize my hands. The scent is really pleasant and it makes my hands feel moisturized and clean. The almost sticky texture is the only downside of this product and takes some getting used to, but that feeling goes away as your hands air dry. The 8-ounce size retails for $6.95 and the travel pack retails for $5.95.

  • Honest 4-in-1 Laundry Pods: This pack of 50 laundry pods cleans, fights stains, brightens and softens laundry in an easy to use and quick way. They work in both regular and HE washers and on all types of laundry, including cloth diapers. I had some trouble with these because a couple times they have gotten stuck in the lip of my HE dryer and not dissolved all the way. I think this is probably because I most likely overloaded my washer. They are super simple to use and clean the clothes well when they are able to dissolve. I personally have no problem taking the time to measure out detergent though, so I'm happy to continue using their liquid detergent, which is good for 70 HE washes if you make sure to measure to the correct line in the cap. Retails for $15.99.  

  • Honest Bathroom Cleaner: This powerful non-toxic cleaner easily eliminates rust, soap scum, hard water stains, and lime deposits with natural tea tree oil. The eucalyptus mint scent is fresh and contains no VOCs. Works great on chrome, counters, tubs, tile, and fixtures. I really like this cleaner and feel it works really great in my bathroom, while leaving a clean, fresh scent. I think the thing I love most about it is that it doesn't leave my hands raw and dry after scrubbing with it and the scent is not overpowering like that of many bathroom cleaners that contain bleach. I am really sensitive to smell and they typically give me headaches. Retails for $5.95. 

  • Honest Toilet Cleaner: This powerful, non-toxic cleaner hygienically removes stains, calcium, lime, mold and mildew and uses tea tree oil, citric acid, and plant-based cleansers to battle bacteria and dirt. The eucalyptus essential oil keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and has no harmful fumes or VOCs. The super-thick formula rinses away easily for a clean shine. The thing I like most about this cleaner is that its thick formula clings to the underside of the toilet lip and very slowly covers the entire inside of the toilet bowl, making sure the entire inside get really clean. The scent again, is really fresh and pleasant and doesn't leave the bathroom with a nasty fume-y smell. Retails for $5.95.

  • Honest Floor Cleaner: This powerful formula is designed to easily and safely break down food particles, grease, bacteria and dirt while not damaging wax or other protective surfaces on your hardwood, laminate, and other sealed floors. The super-easy rinse-free formula means no messy bucket of water or hassle. This is one of my favorites of their new products. The floor cleaner is so easy to use. I just pour it directly into the bottle on my reusable Rubbermaid mop (like a Swiffer, but with a refillable bottle and a washable mop head). I use it to clean our bathroom floors and our hardwood floors in the kitchen and dining area. This means cleaning up tons of messes thanks to my toddler son and this product consistently leaves my floor clean and shiny. And thanks to the non-rinse formula, I can just quickly run my mop over the floors whenever I need to without the hassle of having to mix the cleaner with water or rinse with a bucket of water. I highly recommend this product! The citrus rosemary scent is really nice too. Retails for $7.95.

        We are also still really happy with our diapers and wipes bundle. The diapers line recently released three new patterns: Strawberry, Comic, and the gender neutral green hippo pattern that supports the World Wildlife Federation. They currently offer 14 different patterns from which you can choose up to six for your bundle. We feel so much better using these over regular store brands because they don't contain all the dyes and chemicals and fake-y baby powder scents, yet they still work great. 

    One thing I love about The Honest Company is that they are frequently releasing new products and making improvements to old ones. For instance, they recently increased the size of their shampoo and body wash after people were complaining about running out of it too quickly. Also, their sunscreen formula is now non-whitening and has higher SPF protection. I am constantly impressed by how much they listen to their subscribers and implement their suggestions. Another bonus for this company is their great customer service. If you want to make a change to your bundle that isn't an option on the website, you can just call and ask. For example, I was able to split my diaper bundle into two sizes when I was trying to see if Owen was ready to transition into the next size up. Soon I may also add some newborn and size 1 diapers to my order so that I can begin to stock up for his little brother. 
      Another new thing if you have a smart phone, is The Honest Company app (free!) which allows to to keep track of your bundles and referrals. 
      If you are interested in trying The Honest Company, they offer a free trial pack of products and diapers and wipes for just the price of $5.95 shipping. If you decide you love the products, you will be automatically enrolled in their monthly delivery system after seven days. If you decide the products aren't for you, you can just cancel before the week is up to avoid being charged for the monthly subscription. Many people neglect to read the fine print when signing up, so make sure you cancel by calling them M-F 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time or you will be charged for your bundles. To check out The Honest Company for yourself, click here. The link will take you to my referral so I can earn money toward my subscription. I'd be so happy if you used it! If you sign up with my link, you will earn a $10 credit to your account after making your first purchase (beyond the trial pack.)
    UPDATE: Through April 30, use the code PLUMDISTRICT40 to receive 40 percent off a bundle on top of the $10 off credit for using a referral link to sign up! 

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  1. Jessica, what did you think of the swim diapers? Any leaks? I have never used a reusable swim diaper before!