Thursday, January 31, 2013

Entertaining a toddler in the winter

       Trying to entertain Owen this winter when it has typically been bitter cold or raining has been really difficult. Finding things to do inside is getting harder and harder and even though it's only been a month since Christmas, most of his toys are old news already. I have done a few Pinterest ideas, but I don't want to have to buy a bunch of supplies just for 10 minutes of entertainment. 
       I recently did some research and found some places around town that offer toddler activities and I plan on checking some of them out in the next few weeks. This week, we went to baby and toddler time at the local library. Owen had a great time. He wasn't big on the structured "sit in mommy's lap quietly while the lady sings" time, but free play time was a big hit. He was actually the only toddler in the room close to his age because all the others were either immobile babies or kids about age 3 or older. So while they are all behaving themselves, Owen was running around the room throwing balls or stealing props from the lady while she sang. It was pretty embarrassing, but I decided to just go with it because trying to restrain Owen makes a bigger scene than his exploring and getting into things does. And guess what I got out of all that running around craziness? A two hour long nap. Heck yes. Sign me up for weekly toddler time at the library.  
 Playing instruments was really fun for Owen. He loves drumming lately. 

This kiddo is obsessed with letters lately. He wants to read so badly and will try to name letters everywhere we go. He even started picking out the letters he knew on our license plates the other day. 

 The letters of his name are the ones he recognizes the best. 

 Playing peek-a-boo with Mommy. 

Reading "Goodnight Gorilla."
      What do you do to entertain your kiddos during the winter? I need some fresh ideas! 


  1. JJ took Chloe to the local library for story time this past week too. They went to the baby one and he said this week he'd like to try the toddler one instead. Otherwise they don't get out much. There are local pools that have open swim here, do you have something like that near you? Or a bounce house type place for little ones? He's done that with her once. And yes, the naps you get after an outing like that are great aren't they?!

  2. Join a local mommy group. We get together at least once a week so the kids can play. We play at each others homes,Chick Fil a, McDonalds, Pump It Up (bounce houses), Chucky Cheese (pizza and game joint), indoor pool, library story time, tumble classes at gymnastics center (for boys too!), we also have a place that has various types of toddler/kid classes (creative movement, sensory classes). I'm actually in 2 play groups and 1 mommy group. We do at least 2 outings a week to keep mommy and baby (14 months) sane!

  3. I try to get together with a mommy friend of mine once a week, usually Fridays. That helps a little. I have pinned all kinds of activities and tried a few new ones I'll share with you soon. :)