Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shopping spree for Owen!

     When I was little, my mom and her friend Jane (our next door neighbor) would call each other over after a big shopping spree to show each other all the cute clothes they bought for us kids. My mom still loves to see all the clothes that I buy and constantly requests a "fashion show" after I've shopped. Now that we live far from one another, a fashion show isn't possible, so after talking with her on the phone yesterday about our shopping spree at Gymboree, I promised that I would post all of Owen's new outfits on the blog for her to see. 
      We shopped yesterday because it was finally time to redeem Gymbucks, which are coupons that Gymboree gives out several times a year. Basically, you earn $25 in Gymbucks for every $50 you spend during the earning period. Then, during the Gymbucks redemption period, you can redeem one $25 Gymbuck for each $50 you spend. Which basically gets you 50 percent off anything in the store. This is my favorite way to shop at Gymboree and a great way to stock up on clothes for the future seasons at a big discount. And with constant sales and Gymbucks, I never buy Gymboree clothes at full price. But they are really great quality clothing and after Owen has outgrown them, they still look brand new so that a future brother might be able to wear them or we can easily sell them. I typically buy mainly tops from Gymboree unless the shorts or pants are really cute. Otherwise I supplement his wardrobe with staples like jeans and khakis from Children's Place because they typically fit Owen better anyway. And I can buy those pretty cheap too when they are on sale. 
     Yesterday, my plan was to use my Gymbucks to buy on sale winter clothes in a bigger size for next winter, but our local store had been picked over like crazy and there was nothing left really. So instead, I decided to go ahead and get Owen some spring and summer clothes from their new lines. I was able to buy 11 items of clothing (worth more than $200) for about $100. This is a great start to his summer wardrobe and I would bet he will get some more clothes for his birthday in a few months. 
Here's all my loot from our shopping spree. 

I got this size 2T train pajama set for next winter for $4.55 (down from $21.95).

The plaid shirt was $12.63 (down from $24.95) and the red baseball shirt underneath was $5.04 (down from $9.95).

This construction shirt was $8.58 (down from $16.95). And the cute part is that the scoop lifts up to show more rocks underneath. Owen loves shirt he can manipulate like this.

This construction outfit is so cute. The polo shirt was $9.59 (down from $18.95) and the shorts were $15.16 (down from $29.95).

I love this outfit because it reminds me of one that Owen had last summer. The polo shirt was $9.59 (down from $18.95) and the shorts were $13.64 (down from $26.95). The set of socks were $5.54 (down from $10.95). 

I picked up this shirt for Owen to wear on Valentine's Day for $9.59 (down from $18.95).
The last shirt that I got had to be ordered off the Internet because they were out of Owen's size in the store. Luckily, Gymboree will ship clothes to you for free if they don't have it in store. I got this shirt (which has a door that opens on the tree house to reveal a dog inside) for $8.76 (down from $16.95). Owen is going to love it! 

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