Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Glow for it!

      After three days of dealing with a sick toddler, we needed to have a little fun this past weekend. So... my sweet husband took Owen with him to the store after his doctor's appointment while I made dinner and came home to my surprise with some $1 glow sticks. We had heard from a mother in our parenting group that they put glow sticks in their tub when their daughter took a bath and that they were a lot of fun, so he must have remembered that when he saw them. Either way, Owen had probably the most fun bath he's ever had. I highly recommend doing this activity with a toddler. After the bath, you could also put the glow sticks in a water-filled mason jar or vase or pitcher and put it in your kiddo's room as a nightlight to take advantage of the entire 8-hour period of glow time. If you have a bath hater, definitely try this trick. They will stay in there until the water turns cold. 


  1. What a fun idea! We will have to try this!

  2. This is great! Around Halloween, JJ came home with a 10 pack of glow sticks and gave them to Chloe. We would hang them on her mobile at night so she could watch them until they faded. Just this past weekend, JJ came across another one and the kid was in heaven. My husband has this infatuation with flash lights, so anything that lights up is a toy in his eyes and he's passing that on to our daughter. :) Hadn't thought about trying it in the tub though!

  3. I have seen this on Pinterest! I'll have to add it to my summer bucket list!