Friday, March 22, 2013

The Newlywed Game

     I am linking up again this week with Karla at Forever Newly Wedded and Veronica at Passion, Pink and Pearls for The Newlywed Game. 

1.  Which does your spouse prefer? Summer or Winter Olympics?
Tim likes the Summer Olympics best. He likes watching track events and swimming.
She prefers the Winter Olympics because she likes ice skating and bobsledding. (True.)

2.  What advice would you give your 16 year old self, now with the knowledge that you have found and married "the one?"
That kid who gave you your first kiss and is really immature and annoying? Yeah, you're going to marry him. Don't be scared. He gets much better when you meet again in college. And his kissing skills greatly improve. 
Grow up and realize what's important. 

3.  What expectations did you have going into marriage? How have they changed?
I guess going in to marriage, I expected that I would be the perfect little wife and keep the house spotless and cook dinner every night and look really pretty while doing all of that. Now I've realized that Tim loves me regardless of whether all these things are done all the time and I can cut myself a little slack. 
I expected to have more money and more time together. Neither of those have happened and it has taught me to be less selfish and more responsible with money. 

4.  When engaged, what did your spouse most look forward to about being married?
I guess just being around each other all the time and not having to say goodnight at the end of a date and go to our separate homes. 
Starting a life with her best friend. (This is pretty much true. I was also felt the same way as the answer I gave for him and I was looking forward to doing all the things married people do. Living together, vacationing together, having kids together.)

5.  What is your spouse's favorite meal that your prepare?
I don't think I can narrow this down to one favorite meal. He especially loves my taco meatloaf, mulligatawny, and lemon butter tilapia. (I was right on these three meals exactly. He couldn't pick just one. And then he added my chicken enchiladas and black bean burgers.)
Pancakes and bacon. (I do love when he makes me pancakes, but my favorite meal would be steak.)
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6.  What is your spouse's favorite form of exercise?
Playing sports is Tim's favorite way to get some exercise. Particularly Ultimate Frisbee. 
Zumba. (Yep. Back when I actually went to a gym I really loved Zumba. It was taught by this awesome tattooed chick who made it look like we were in a music video. Every place I've since gone has felt like Grandma Zumba in comparision. I also really like kickboxing.)

7.  What sport would your spouse most prefer to actually participate in? 
Either football or Ultimate Frisbee. (Apparently Tim took this to mean what professional sport he would play in a hypothetical alternate reality where he is a professional athlete. He says the correct answer is baseball because he would be good at fielding. Although he loves football, apparently in hypothetical world he would still be 5'8" and considers himself too short to play professionally.) 
Ultimate Frisbee so that we could play together and have fun. (This is true because I know he likes it so much. I'm not really an athletic person so I was really frustrated the summer I joined a league with him in college. Everyone was really hardcore about it and I never got any better because no one would ever throw me the frisbee. And running back and forth across a field nonstop for the entire game got really old really fast.)

8.  What is the strangest food your spouse has ever eaten?
Pickled pig's feet. It was part of a hazing ritual when he was playing Ultimate Frisbee in college. It was especially gross for him because he hates vinegar and things like olives, pickles, etc. So pickled something that is actually disgusting was really really nasty. 
Rocky Mountain Oysters. (If you don't know what those are, google it. They aren't oysters. It was on my fourteenth birthday and my uncle made me do it without telling me what they were. Happy birthday to me.) 

9.  Is your spouse a country gal/boy or a city slicker?
Somewhere in the middle? We are from Georgia, but people are always surprised that we don't act particularly southern or have accents or things like that. But we're not really "city" people either. 
Neither, but probably closer to being a country girl. (This sounds okay, I guess. I don't really know what either of those mean, but I suppose I identify more with the values of a stereotypical "country" girl.)

10. Who is the "handyman" in your home? You or your spouse?
Tim is definitely the handyman around the house. Isn't that what husbands are for? He is really good at figuring out how to fix things or put things together. He does have an engineering degree after all. 


  1. Oh yuck.. pigs feet! Yuck!
    I agree with you on 3 and 4! Totally!
    I love how all the men are handy men!

    Thanks for linking up with us! =)

  2. haha love your number 2 answer!
    Absolutely to number 4!

    haha number 7 made me laugh so much! Sounds like something my husband would think...silly husbands.