Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

      I'm linking up again with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts. 

~ In four days I will have a two-year-old. Where has the time gone? I am not prepared. Also, we have definitely started seeing signs of the "terrible twos." Not that Owen misbehaves often, but he has thrown a few tantrums and is definitely more frustrated when we don't do what he wants. Luckily, he's still pretty cute so his tantrums aren't really embarrassing yet. The other day at the mall, Tim put Owen on an ATV that was on display and when we went to leave, Owen pitched a gigantic fit and collapsed on the ground crying, "My tractor! My tractor!" But at the same time, he is learning so much now and is talking so well that I'm really digging him at this age, terrible or not.

~ I was excited to be able to mail out another one of my pregnancy survival kits to someone close to me this past week. She got it yesterday. Her baby is due in October, but they haven't announced to everyone yet, so I'm keeping mum on who it is for now. Either way, I was excited to celebrate another sweet little baby. And speaking of sweet little babies, my friend Katie (that I made the original pregnancy survival kit for) had her adorable baby daughter Merida Grace last Saturday. I am obsessed with looking at the photos they text me of her. If I wasn't already pregnant, they would seriously have me feeling the pregnancy bug. 

~ We have had snow two days this week so when I saw this funny photo on Facebook, it made me laugh. I immediately messaged it to Tim at work. Have you seen the commercial for Geico with basketball player Dikembe Mutombo? 

~ I got my first Goodies Co. box this month with fun food samples. The subscription box is still in its beta testing so you can get it right now for super cheap: $7 a month. This is cheaper than any other food subscription box and gives you just as many samples as boxes like Love with Food. The theme for this month was Rise and Shine so the taster's box featured foods that help you "start your day with a smile." A few of the products were ones that I have heard of before, i.e. Fig Newtons, Bonne Maman strawberry preserves, and Bel Vita breakfast biscuits. I also received a weird aloe vera drink, granola, a granola bar, a breakfast cookie and an instant breakfast shake. I was impressed with my first box and can't wait to get it again next month. 

~ Tim and I are currently shopping around for new living room furniture and checked out several furniture stores last weekend. We're hoping to go again tomorrow after my doctor's appointment. The couches below are one of the sets that we liked while we were shopping last week. It's so hard to find exactly what we're looking for though. We keep finding lots of "almost the ones" that are basically what we want minus one thing. Wish us luck!

~ I am totally prepared for Easter now. I finished Owen's Easter basket yesterday and if I may say so myself, I am awesome at being the Easter bunny. He's going to love all his goodies. Owen has an Easter outfit to wear complete with new shoes and a belt we bought him last weekend. And I've made reservations for Easter dinner at a local restaurant and winery for after church. We will have an Easter egg hunt at the house in the afternoon (if it's not raining). My parents will be in town again this year so I'm excited that we won't have to spend Easter alone. P.S. Owen's Easter eggs are filled with Annie's Cheddar Bunnies and fruit snacks.  

~ We will find out the gender of Baby No. 2 in just two days. I am so excited to finally know and begin narrowing down a name and planning the nursery. And buying baby clothes (particularly if they need to be pink.) I will announce on the blog sometime next week. I am trying to decide how to announce to our family since we don't live nearby like last time. If we did live near family, I thought of the idea of doing a special Easter egg hunt where everyone searches for eggs and one includes the baby's gender. Wouldn't that be a cute idea? I can just picture a family frantically egg hunting to find that one special egg. Oh well. We'll have to just take a photo or maybe Skype to tell everyone. 


  1. You should do something fun in the mail to announce it! I'd love to run to my mailbox and open a box or something and see all pink tissue or all blue tissue!!!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. What a great pregnancy survival kit! So many great things!

    So excited for you to find out the gender! Got an inklings?

  3. That pregnancy kit is awesome! and such a great idea! I have a lot of pregnant friends right now so I just might be stealing your idea! Also, I LOVE that living room set. It's beautiful.

    I commented you back on my blog but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. If I just hit reply do you get a notification that I commented you back?! In case you didn't see it I'll just paste it here :)

    Thank you!! Evil Merle is actually a total sweetheart in real life :) They film the show pretty close to where I live and during filming Michael (Merle) lived down the street from me. He became a regular at the restaurant where my mom works. I met him while I was pregnant and he was always so friendly and made it a point to come talk to me every time he saw me. We sort of became friends (not like I call him up or anything ha) and then once I had Oliver, he went out of his way to take me, my mom, and Oliver out to brunch before he went back to LA. So sweet! He's such an amazing person!

    Thank you for checking out my blog! I've added you to my daily reading list :) Have a great day!

  4. My parents live out of state so to announce the gender of our second we sent pink carnations signed with our daughters name. With our first we found out a couple days before Christmas so our Christmas card was a picture of blue booties on the tree.

    I love the Easter egg hunt idea though!!

    stopping by from Sunday social.