Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

     I am linking up today with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. I recently started following her blog because she is the Queen of Subscription Boxes. She subscribes to so many of them and it's really interesting to read her reviews. Plus, she makes me feel like I'm not a subscription box crazy as some people might think. As in, I may get a few subscription boxes a month, but look at her! She gets like 20! Plus, she has two cute boys and a great sense of humor. 

~ We have been having a taste of spring for the past few days and it has been great. The weather for months has been alternating between freezing cold and cloudy to sunshine-y yet rainy. It's been a super bummer for my outside-loving boy. But with the weather at my parent's house starting on Tuesday in the high 60's, we have had a blast playing outside. Owen in particular is loving his foot-propelled Lightning McQueen car Christmas present. I am loving the glutes workout I'm getting from pushing him up my parent's driveway over and over so that he can coast down it. 

~ Baby names are proving tough for us this time around. When naming Owen, it was very easy and we just automatically agreed on names pretty early. This time, we can't seem to agree on anything. And really, I can't seem to find that many names that I like, especially when it comes to boy names. My taste is somewhere between traditional and all the unique, made-up or modern names. So I'm not big on traditional names like Matthew or Michael, but I also don't like more modern picks like Brayden and Jackson. I think we'll just wait until our gender reveal ultrasound and cross that bridge when we get there. 

~ I will be getting my first Goodies Box this month full of yummy food items and I am so excited. I will also be getting The Little Book Club for Owen and Pop Sugar Must Have for me. And of course, Citrus Lane. My February Bluum box should come some year, but I have since canceled. And don't even get me started on the threatening Facebook message I got from their owner for daring to complain about their service. 

~ And while I planned on writing more this week, that's all I've got. We all have the flu. Blech.


  1. What?! You got a threatening facebook message from Bluum?!That makes me want to cancel immediately. It's their fault their boxes went out late, they should be apologizing & helping their customers!

  2. OMG I need to know about this message you got!!!!!

    And I like that you like me because I make you seem not crazy for getting all those boxes. LOL!!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom