Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Monday

    Here is our menu for this week. Quite a few brand new recipes this week. I'm getting tired of most of my old stand-bys. Though as you can see, taco meatloaf is making an appearance since it's Tim's favorite. Plus, I'm still working on freezing food for after the baby is born. I've already frozen four quarts of soup, two quarts or spaghetti sauce, and two loaves of zucchini bread. I plan to freeze a meatloaf and a couple casseroles this week. 

Monday: Chicken spaghetti casserole. This is a recipe from the blog Pioneer Woman Cooks. Whoever this woman is, she is really funny and makes a lot of easy- and tasty-looking meals. Freeze extra in disposable aluminum pans. 
Tuesday: Dinner with Jim and Amanda from our church small group. 
Wednesday: Taco meatloaf with black beans and corn. Make an extra to freeze.  
Thursday: Eat out before small group. 
Friday: Cajun chicken pasta. This is also a recipe from Pioneer Woman Cooks
Saturday: Bratwursts. We found a huge package of them for sale at Costco for really cheap. We'll freeze some of them because there are a lot. 
Sunday: Beef tamale pie. This is a recipe from a blog I found called Freeze Happy! I was doing some research into freezing meals and discovered this site. This recipe seemed pretty easy. I plan to make two and freeze one. 

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