Thursday, March 24, 2011

A sneak peek at Baby Rumely

     We still have +/- three weeks until we finally get a look at our baby. But by using a handy tool on, I morphed pictures of Tim and me together to get an idea of what Baby Rumely could look like. I took a picture of Tim from a couple years back and a recent picture of me (they had to be straight-on shots of our faces without sunglasses or hair in our face) and these are the results.
     The results are pretty creepy. He has gigantic ears, which neither of us have. He will apparently have my eyes and some strange morphing of our noses. I'm also pretty sure he got one each of our eyebrows-Tim's on the left and mine on the right. Not so sure about the hair color, which matches neither of our shades of brown and it kind-of looks like he's already balding. Baby Rumely's got swoopy bangs like Tim, but his daddy parts his on the opposite side. I do spot what looks to be a cowlick on one side, so maybe the website knows what it's doing after all. 
   I wasn't ready to give up yet, so I tried one more website, to see if we could get a cuter kid. I went to the website and tried again. This time I put in the two pictures and had to place little dots around our features. I guess this helps the computer program identify them in the pictures better. Anyway, the results were much more realistic-looking (though I'm not sure what happened with the hair.)
     Anyway, we'll just have to see in about a month. But just for fun, here are some pictures of Tim and I as babies so you can just use your imagination to come up with what you think Baby Rumely will look like. First off are pictures of Tim as a baby. 

 And some of me...

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