Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our new ride

     We made a big purchase this weekend...our new family car! Check it out. 
     We have been a one-car family for about two months now since moving to Washington. No fun, let me tell you. Tim takes our Toyota Camry to work everyday so I was pretty much stuck at the house unless I drove him to work in the morning. I know plenty of people have functioned with one car, but we really wanted a second vehicle by the time the baby was born in case I needed to leave the house, especially in the case of an emergency or something. 
     The new car is a used "salsa red" 2005 Chevrolet Equinox. We bought it from a car dealership in Kennewick. After haggling with the sales person, we finally settled on a price that we believe is a great deal. We had it checked by a mechanic before we bought it and everything major checked out. Also, the dealership is going to put new tires and air filters on it this week. It's a smaller SUV and will make a great family car. 
     The inside of the car is really nice. It has gray cloth seats and is very clean. The previous owners obviously took good care of it which was not the case with most of the cars we checked out. It didn't smell like smoke like a lot of the cars we looked at either. Eww!  We are so blessed to have another vehicle!
     And we weren't the only ones  who got a sweet ride this week. Check out what Tim put together for the baby!
     It's the Chicco stroller that Tim's parents bought for us. After some initial frustration with figuring out the directions for putting the stroller together, Tim figured it out.  We still have not put the base for the car seat in the vehicle because we are waiting to get a seat protector to keep the car as nice as possible. Just another step towards getting ready for his arrival. 

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