Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

     Here at the Washington Rumely household, Halloween was a big deal. We went all out for Owen's first Halloween: doing Halloween crafts, carving pumpkins, buying entirely too much candy for the nine trick-or-treaters who came to the house, dressing Owen up, making pumpkin cupcakes, watching a scary TV show (AMC's The Walking Dead), and more. It was such a fun weekend. Here are some pictures from our Halloween. 
In case the last post made you think, "Jessica is so crafty!" this is what Owen's costume would have been if we hadn't bought one.

Owen "helping" Daddy carve the pumpkin. Note: the pumpkin scoop is fun to chew on.

"Please, please give me the pumpkin guts!"
"Ew...what is this stuff? I don't want to touch it. Take it away."

The finished product! Yay, Daddy. Super scary.

Our precious baby monkey.
Seriously, I know I'm biased, but this kid is so cute.
Are you looking at me?
Adorable from every angle.
Check out those eyes. The monkey costume makes them look really brown, but there's some green in there too.
Monkeys love bananas, right?
I'll let you put that banana next to me, but I am not eating it!
Hey, what's this?
This is my thinkin' face.
My tail is so much tastier than that nasty ol' banana.
Monkey hugs!

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