Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We are fam-i-ly!

     My trip home to Georgia with Owen went really well last week (minus the no husband). I had so much fun watching everyone play with Owen and enjoy seeing how he has grown and changed. Once again, I don't have pictures of everyone with him. I'm so bad about making sure to bring my camera out for everything. But I did get some good pictures of most of our family. Here are some of the pics from our trip!
At my parent's house, Owen got to play on the quilt that I played on as a baby.
Visiting Haley.
Aidan got to practice his sharing with "Oh-no."
Playing with Grams is more fun than eating store-bought baby food peas. Yuck!
Hey Nana, what's up?
Grams wanted a family photo shoot. Owen wanted to play with pine straw.
Minus Piper looking away, this one turned out pretty well. The more interesting picture would probably be all the hoopla going on behind me as my aunt and uncle and cousin Johanna tried to get Owen to smile.
Doesn't he look so grown up? When did my baby get so old?
This is Owen trying to eat getting to know Piper.
This is the new love of Owen's life, Leah. I haven't had the heart to tell him that she's already married to his Uncle Joseph.
Papa fed him an entire bowl of applesauce. Yummy!
Kisses from Aunt Jenny.
Jodi is apparently hilarious to six-month-olds. She even makes blankets funny.
Owen was willing to give Marcus and Jodi some baby practice.
Mama Jane got to have some Grandma practice.
Aunt Jenny wanted to take Owen to the pumpkin patch because really, is there anything cuter than babies with pumpkins?

How to best explore the pumpkin patch? By putting them in your mouth!
Hugs from Grams.
Grandpa gave Owen a bath.
Owen enjoyed his newest bath toys- sea turtles (and plastic cups.)

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