Friday, November 25, 2011

Pinspiring Friday!

    This week I was only able to complete one of my crafts. I made a Christmas wreath that I found on Pinterest that uses only four things to make it - round Christmas ornaments, wired ribbon, a coat hanger, and hot glue. And it only cost me $10.81 to make! Which is awesome if you compare it to the ones at Pier 1 Imports that probably cost at least $40 or $50. I bought about 70 or 80 different sized ornaments in red and gold from the Dollar Tree and then hot-glued each of their tops to them so they wouldn't pop off when I was stringing them onto the coat hanger. I bent a clothes hanger into a circle and then had Tim use his man strength to unbend the wire hook so I could string them on, alternating sizes so that the smaller ornaments fill in the gaps. Then I bent the hook back together and tied a ribbon over it to hide it. The whole project probably took me about half an hour. And I love the results! I have some green and red ornaments too so that I can make a second wreath because it was that easy and turned out so pretty. 
This was my inspiration!
     And here is the one that I made. It doesn't photograph as beautiful as it is. Plus I took this picture in the evening and it's kind-of dark in our living room at that time of day.
     I still haven't made Owen's shadowbox because I didn't like the look of his hospital blanket as the background (too cluttered). So I bought some blue fabric and will use that instead as the backdrop. Hopefully I will get that finished within the next week.
    Another project that I am hoping to do is a book to hold all of the cards we got at Owen's baby shower and when he was born. I'm really excited about doing that because at the moment, they are just piled in a drawer and I can't wait to have a pretty way to display them so we can look back through them in the future. Here is a picture of my inspiration for that project.

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