Saturday, November 12, 2011

Owen's Christmas List

     At the request of some family members, I am posting a Christmas list of gift ideas for Owen. So I had him dictate his wish list to me. He also wanted me to tell you that he's been really good this year. And by "you," I mean his grandparents. Because as Owen says, "Who cares about Santa when you have grandparents?" Note: Not all of the pictures are of specific things that Owen wants. Some are just illustrations of that type of thing. 

1. Shoes - size 4 or larger
Robeez crib sneakers.

Stride Rite baby sneakers.

Baby Converse sneakers. So adorable.
2. New clothes - size 18-month or 12-18 month in late winter/early spring styles

3. Socks - size 12-month or 12-18 month
4. Baby eating set -  plate and baby silverware - made of durable material - no cartoon characters, please.
Pottery Barn Kids.
Skip Hop.
5. Prince Lionheart Wheely Tiger

7. Winter Coat - size 12-18 months
9. Football blanket. (P.S. This blanket is really expensive, so don't think that we're necessarily asking for this specific one. I just think that a football-themed blanket would be cute for Owen.)
10. Cordy Roy Elephant
11. First year frame
Pottery Barn Kids.
And a great stocking stuffer for Owen? Gerber Fruit Puffs! These keep him entertained for a while! And watching him try to figure out where they went when they are stuck to his arms/face/palms/etc. is hilarious.

     And there you have it! Owen will of course love anything he gets. We didn't include a lot of toys and books because I figured the giver would prefer to pick those types of things out themselves. 

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