Friday, November 18, 2011

Pinspiring Friday!

     This week I did a really fun (and easy) craft. It took me about three naptimes (give or take some time spent doing dishes and showering). I made a Christmas planner that I found on Pinterest. The planner is made using a composition notebook and Christmas craft paper and contains sections for a calendar, a "to do" list, a gift list, menu, Christmas cards, and envelopes to keep receipts and coupons. I took pictures while I made it so that I could show the step-by-step process. So here goes. This was my inspiration and where I got the print-outs for the front label.

STEP ONE: Make sure that you have everything you need to complete the project. ( I made a shopping trip to Michael's to buy some Christmas-themed paper.) These are the things you need to make the Christmas planner.
- a composition notebook
- ribbon (I used leftover ribbon from my Christmas card wreath)
- several sheets of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper in Christmas prints and colors
- adhesive (I used Glue Dots because I already had those on hand)
- 2 6x9 manila envelopes
- stapler
- scissors
The best part about this project? I had most of this stuff already!
STEP TWO: Download the printables from the website 
STEP THREE: Cut a piece of ribbon about 36 inches inches long and glue it around the middle of the composition notebook.
A way to use leftover ribbon? Score!
STEP FOUR: Cut pieces of Christmas scrapbook paper to fit the front and back of the composition notebook by tracing around the front and back covers. Then use another two inch strip the length of the notebook from top to bottom to cover up any part of the front of the notebook that still shows between the first sheet of paper and the black binding. Then glue everything down, including the Christmas planner label. 
Pardon my lame-o picture of myself "tracing." It's hard to illustrate tracing without a hand. to hold the pencil. Also pardon my fingernails. My brittle, non-pregnant nails are back. Sad.
I used Glue Dot strips to adhere the paper to the cover.
 STEP FIVE: Take the labels that say "My Receipts" and "My Coupons" and glue them onto a two-inch wide strip of scrap paper and then glue that onto the flap side of the manila envelopes. Glue those envelopes onto the front and back cover of the notebook. I also used scrapbook paper to cover the inside covers where it has the class schedule grid and stuff like that. 
A place for coupons!
This is the inside front cover and the first page.
STEP SIX: Cut five 2 x 2-inch squares of different scraps of scrapbook paper(I alternated colors down the side of the notebook), fold them in half, and label them "Calendar," "To Do," "The List," "Menu," and "Cards." Then staple them at intervals onto a few sheets of paper down the side of the notebook. 
I printed out labels for my tabs because trying to write out each one perfectly centered was making me frustrated.
So organized. 
STEP SEVEN: Print out weekly calendars online and glue them into the calendar section.
STEP EIGHT: You're done! Admire your fine work! This little baby will hopefully keep me organized throughout the Christmas season and it was a lot of fun to make.
Yay! So cute!
     In other crafting news, I have not started my shadowbox for Owen's newborn memorabilia because I am waiting on the delivery of a photograph of him that I want to put in the box. But here is my inspiration from Pinterest for the shadowbox.
    I love the use of the baby blanket as the background of the shadowbox and hope to be able to do the same using Owen's swaddling blanket from the hospital. I also have the hat he wore home from the hospital, his pacifier from the hospital, all of our hospital bracelets, his baby socks he wore in the hospital, the little card from his isolet that has his name and other information on it, some more of his footprints, his measuring tape, his blood pressure cuff, and a silver baby spoon from the doctor that delivered him. I can't wait to work on this project!
    The reason I pinned this one was because of the baby's name with the photograph inside it. I did the same thing with one of Owen's newborn pictures on Photoshop and I ordered a copy of it online so I am waiting for it to be delivered before I start laying everything out in the shadowbox. I hope I have room to fit it all in there! I'll post pictures of it whenever I finish it.

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