Thursday, July 5, 2012

25 Things To Do Before Owen Turns Two

    I can't believe that Owen is 15 months old already. And I realize now, more than ever, just how fast time goes by with babies. There is so much I want to experience with Owen. So much I want to see and learn with him. So much I want to do with my firstborn before there's a No. 2. So I decided to make a list.
     Why? Because it will hold me accountable. Serve as a reminder (because Mommy brain sucks). And Lord knows, I love to cross things off lists.

1. Finish Owen's first year scrapbook
2. Print and display photos of Owen around the house
3. Go to the zoo
4. Make cookies together
5. Take walks together as a family
6. Have a picnic in the park
7. Spend the whole day as a family having fun.
8. Go see fireworks 
9. Go to the beach
10. Go to a children's museum
11. Go to the Kentucky Horse Park
12. Make a piece of art and frame it
13. Go to storytime at the library
14. Go on a family vacation
15. Color with chalk on the driveway
16. Camp out in the backyard
17. Dance at a wedding
18. Write letters to Owen
19. Store family photos on DVDs 
20. Join a playgroup
21. Play with paints in the bathtub
22. Teach Owen about God
23. Do toddler activities from Pinterest
24. Subscribe to a monthly box for Owen
25. Make a personalized book for Owen

     I really want this list to be a way for us to have fun as a family (of 3) and to spend a lot of quality time with Owen before we make him a big brother someday. Obviously there are tons of other things that I want to do with him, but this gives me a place to start and I plan to document all of them. 

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