Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Friday

     Currently, we're in the mountains on vacation, but I typed this up ahead of time. We've got some family news and some baby news and some product love. So here we go!

1. Julep Reveal! 
     Julep revealed their August boxes this month and the theme is obviously metallics and chromes. They are supposedly inspired by current jewelry trends. Since the Olympics are this month, maybe they were also going for a gold, silver, and bronze medal thing. The featured product this month is their 4-ounce Acetone-free nail polish remover. I'm not that excited about it because I'd just as well buy that at the drug store. 
     If you're new to the whole Julep Maven program, it's essentially a nail polish and other cosmetics product subscription service. The regular fee is $19.99, but you can try it out for $0.01. Simply complete the style quiz and type in the promo code PENNY or COLOR2012 to reduce your price to a penny. (Don't forget to select free shipping too!)
     Here's a sneak peak of the August colors:

American Beauty comes with Dakota (rose gold metallic), Stefani (gold flacked gray metallix), and nail polish remover: $42 value
Boho Glam comes with Isla (milky white metallic), Piper (mint-teal metallic chrome), and nail polish remover: $42 value
Bombshell comes with Marley (silver metallic chrome), Kim (gunmetal gray metallic), and nail polish remover: $42 value
Classic With A Twist comes with Alfre (royal purple metallic), Felicity (yellow gold metallic), and nail polish remover: $42 value
It Girl comes with Sienna (gold metallic), Melanie (indigo metallic chrome), and Harley (silver metallic chrome): $42 value
Additionally, this month, you can add on up to three items from other boxes for $4.99 each
     When I took the style quiz, I was Classic With A Twist, but Julep is really unique because you can change to a different box if you don't like what comes in the one you are supposed to get. I am not a big fan of the Classic With A Twist colors this month so I will most likely switch to another box. I haven't decided which, though. I like It Girl and Boho Glam. And I can't decide if I like the Dakota color from the American Beauty box. Which colors do you like? If you're a Maven, what box will you choose?

2. Shower the bride with love and best wishes.
     My mom and I are throwing a bridal shower for my cousin in early September and I am so excited about it. My mom has pretty much delegated most of the party planning to me since it's more my thing. I love planning parties (see Owen's first birthday) and I have had so much fun already coming up with a theme and designing invitations and planning activities. I am not going to put any of the specifics on here because I want Johanna to be surprised, but I will post pictures from the shower afterwards. Below is a sneak peak of the invitation font. I love the font and the invitation has chevron print! Who doesn't love chevron?
3. Say yes to the dress.
     I don't know if I mentioned this yet or not, but I am also a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. (Which is in less than 100 days! Woah!) I am going to go dress shopping with her in August when I'm back in Athens visiting family and going to a friend's wedding. I also get to attend her dress fitting, which I am really excited about because although I've seen a picture, I want to see the real thing! Johanna wants all her bridesmaids to coordinate, but not have the same exact dresses (which is a good thing because the other bridesmaids are like size 0 and I'm size I had a baby) so I need her to come show me what will look good with what her other bridesmaids have already purchased. I'm really excited about picking out a dress. My aunt said they saw a lot at Dillards while the maid of honor was picking out her dress and I just love Dillards' selection. They always have a lot of great stuff. And her wedding colors are all about some fall oranges and while as a University of Georgia graduate, I'm supposed to hate all things orange, I'm actually digging the color for weddings and I think it's going to look really pretty. Plus, all of the bridesmaids are wearing cowboy boots. See below for her inspiration. Cute, right?

4. What's on my Nook.
     I am currently reading "The Next Best Thing" by Jennifer Weiner. Here's the description from Amazon: "Actors aren’t the only ones trying to make it in Hollywood... At twenty-three, Ruth Saunders left her childhood home in Massachusetts and headed west with her seventy-year-old grandma in tow, hoping to make it as a screenwriter. Six years later, she hits the jackpot when she gets The Call: the sitcom she wrote, The Next Best Thing, has gotten the green light, and Ruthie’s going to be the showrunner. But her dreams of Hollywood happiness are threatened by demanding actors, number-crunching executives, an unrequited crush on her boss, and her grandmother’s impending nuptials." So far it's really good. I really enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at how television shows are produced and created. And I like her sense of humor. 
5. Citrus Lane love.
      Owen and I received his first Citrus Lane box of his six month subscription earlier this week. The theme was "Bon Voyage" and I was so excited to receive some things to help us with all the traveling we will be doing this fall. I have already packed most of it away to bring back out for our vacations. Owen had a blast opening the box all by himself (in his typical "checking something out" squat stance.) He loved the little blue car and immediately proceeded to make vroom vroom noises and push it around the kitchen floor. I have a review of the contents of our box coming up next week.

6. Have kid, will travel. 
      Speaking of traveling, Tim and I are eagerly anticipating our vacation this September to Florida. It's been a while since we've had a vacation that wasn't to visit our families (no offense, Mom and Dad) and it will be exciting to go on a fun vacation to visit our friends and take Owen to Orlando. We're currently hoping to visit the Animal Kingdom and also Universal Studios Islands of Adventure to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We are also considering going to the beach. I have been doing some research via the Internet and Pinterest for tips on car trips with toddlers. We are driving around 14 hours over two days to get to Florida, so I am eager to find some great ideas for entertaining Owen throughout the trip. I also have an Amazon Wish List full of items that I've read good reviews of online for traveling with toddlers. 

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