Saturday, July 14, 2012

Umba Box Review (July box)

     I recently had the surprise of receiving an Umba Box in the mail as a birthday gift from my brother-in-law and his wife. I've really liked the idea of the Umba Box for a while, but have never gotten one for myself. I did subscribe to a special Mother's Day edition of Umba Box for three months for my mother for Mother's Day and her birthday this year. She has enjoyed receiving a surprise in the mail each month and has gotten some really cute things. 
     Umba Box is a monthly subscription box of specially curated handmade items. The box either includes one large item or a couple smaller items. The box has included jewelry, stationary, candies, and other handmade items. Each box also includes a card with information about the creators of the items in the box, which is interesting to read.
     This month, the box included two items: a bracelet and a set of notecards. And a ton of crinkly brown paper. I'm kind-of surprised that they used such a big box for two small items. 

     The stationary is from Fourteen-Forty Fine Paper Goods. The set of six cards (with matching envelopes) are made of kraft paper and are printed with the image of a key using a traditional letterpress. The cards are really cute and I can't wait to use them. Though I also don't want to use them because they're so pretty. So if you get one from me, you know you're someone special!

     The double wrap bracelet is from the Etsy shop The Pink Ruffle. It is made of braided golden brown suede with gold hex nuts. It is really cool-looking. I'm glad I got the Umba because it's a fun way to receive things that I might not pick out for myself, but that are still really neat. Overall, I can't imagine forking over that much for items that you may or may not like each month. But I think if you need a gift for someone who likes handmade stuff, then Umba Box is a great choice. And if you do get it for yourself each month, you can always regift items that don't fit your personal style. I've never really seen anything in Umba Box that was of poor quality so any of it would make a great gift.

     The items in my box retail for $37.60, if you include the price you would have paid to have them shipped to you had you ordered them online. That's a pretty good deal for something that costs $25 a month. If you're interested in trying out Umba Box, you can visit their website here

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