Monday, July 2, 2012

July Julep Maven Review (ft. July Boho Glam Box)

So excited to see this in my mailbox!
     I recently received my very first monthly Julep Maven box. Previously I got the introduction box and a mystery box, but this was my first time getting the themed monthly box. I had originally thought that I would cancel the service after my introductory box, but I have really been impressed with Julep's products and service. They work really hard to provide a completely unique subscription service and it shows. Also, I received my box this month for free using referral credits. 
Julep has some the best packaging of all the subscription boxes I've tried. 
     The July Julep Maven boxes featured some of the prettiest colors I've ever seen by the company. I had so much trouble decided which box to request. I ended up switching from my Classic with a Twist box to the Boho Glam box because I loved the coral colors for summer. Even though I knew what was in the box since I got to preview the colors online, it was still exciting to open it and see all the products in person. 
My box had a Fourth of July theme with red, white, and blue papers and Atomic Fireball candies.
     The theme of this month's boxes was "It's Your Time To Sparkle." Many of the colors this month were microshimmers or glitters and the company also introduced a new lip gloss in four colors meant to match one of the nail colors in each box. The secondary box theme was the Fourth of July with the products all nestled in red, white, and blue paper crinkles and the polishes wrapped in silver star tissue paper and tied with red ribbon. Tucked in the box along with the nail products were three Atomic Fireball candies to carry on the Fourth of July theme. Such a cute extra! I was really impressed with the packaging. 
My box came with a card featuring a how-to for creating a French manicure with both colors. 
My polishes came wrapped in bubble wrap and this silver star tissue paper.
All the contents of my box unwrapped. 
     Each box this month included a free special edition patriotic nail polish: America for subscribers in the United States and O Canada for Canadian subscribers. I also recieved a voucher for a free nail polish. One of the things that I love about the company is that Julep is constantly offering little extras for their customers. 
With the addition of a free polish, I received a total of six polishes and a lip gloss this month for just $9.98.
I used my voucher to buy Yumi, a pink opalescent  multi-dimensional glitter polish.  

The products that came in my box were:
  • Mischa nail polishcherry scarlet microshimmer. I haven't tried this yet, but it looks gorgeous in the bottle.
  • Georgia nail polishgolden coral microshimmer. Love this color. It is such a pretty shimmery gold peachy color. 
  • Poppy lip gloss - peachy coral creme. The lip gloss seems really bright in the tube, but when applied, it is a really pretty sheer peachy color. The gloss has a brush applicator and smells slightly of vanilla. 
  • America nail polish - shiny red with royal blue glitter and sterling silver stars. This is a really fun nail polish. I've never used anything like it. Some people have been complaining about the polish being too thick and not including any silver stars. I could see at least five from the outside of my bottle. 
  • A voucher for a free nail polish. (That I used to buy Yumi)
I received from top to bottom: Poppy lip gloss, Mischa nail polish,
Georgia nail polish, and America nail polish. 
My July polishes, including bonus color America (top).
The lip gloss smells great and is a really pretty sheer peach color.
     I also added on two additional nail colors, which I recently received in the mail. (Julep ships add-ons separately). I'm actually surprised at how similar these colors look in the bottle because they seemed different in the online photos. The main difference I see is that Lynn is a pearlized version of the pink color and Audrey is a glittery version. Either way, I can't wait to try them and see if they're different when painted on my nails. 
  • Lynn nail polish (from the American Beauty box) - nude blush pearl.
  • Audrey nail polish (from the Classic With a Twist box) - soft light pink microshimmer.

     So far I have only tried America and Georgia. I really love Georgia and I think it looks very summery. It is very true to the color in the bottle and is a peachy color with a golden shimmer. 
Georgia on my nails. 
      I tried America on the Fourth of July. I was really pleased with it after hearing horror stories on Julep's Facebook page about it being dry or having no silver stars. I didn't have problems with either and actually had at least six stars in my first application.

     If you're interested in signing up for Julep Maven, start by taking a style quiz [here] (my referral link) so the company can best tailor your monthly boxes to your preferences. When you complete the quiz there are five styles that you could fall under - Classic with a Twist, Boho Glam, American Beauty, Bombshell, and It Girl. 

If you use the code COLOR2012, you can get your first box for just one cent. If you decide to sign up, leave a message telling me what style profile you received. What colors are you getting?
     To see my original post on my introductory box and to read some more information about how Julep Maven works, click here.


  1. Wait... Hold on.... $0.01! Um YES! Signing up RIGHT NOW!

  2. ^ ok that was me trying to reply from my phone (fail). I'm on my laptop and for real signing up!!!! Hey, at least I'll get to try it and then I may be swayed to pay the real price. Thank you!!! xoxo!