Monday, July 9, 2012

Menu Monday

     Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July last week and the weekend. I was really spoiled because Tim had five days off from work in a row so we were able to get some projects done around the house and spend a lot of time together. 
    I'm very excited about my meals this week because I am going to be trying all new recipes for each meal. I scoured Skinny Taste's blog to find some recipes that I've never tried and we're definitely getting some variety this week, though a lot of the recipes include some of the same ingredients. And without further ado, here's the menu for this week, complete with pictures and links to the recipes. If you ever try out one of the recipes I've found, let me know how you liked it!

  • Monday: Cilantro lime tilapia tacos with corn on the cob and black beans. This is a newer recipe from the blog Skinny Taste. I've only had fish tacos a handful of times, but I generally like them. I'm hoping this recipe is good because I'd like to cook fish a little more often since it's so low in fat and healthy for us. I love the flavors of cilantro and lime together and I also love avocado. 
  • Tuesday: Asian peanut noodles with chicken. This is a recipe from Skinny Taste that I've never made because the list of ingredients is pretty big. But since I'm making a couple other Asian-inspired meals this week, I know I will be using several of the ingredients multiple times this week. This reminds me of a dish from Doc Chey's in downtown Athens, a restaurant that Tim and I used to eat at a lot during college. 

  •  Wednesday: Grilled flank steak with black beans and corn. With cucumber and onion salad in Italian dressing. I've never grilled flank steak before, but it is supposedly a cheaper cut of meat and always looks really good in recipes. This Tex-Mex style meal is from Skinny Taste and looks really great for summer. Especially since we can cook the meat outside and then pair it with a cold summer salad. 
  • Thursday: Dirty brown rice and shrimp. With leftover cucumber and onion salad and maybe a regular side salad. I love Cajun food. I hope someday that I can go to New Orleans and try out the real stuff, but until that time, I'll just have to try making it at home. This recipe looks really easy and has a lot of hidden vegetables in it. (Shh...don't tell Tim) I even have pretty high hopes that Owen might eat some. He ate up some paella made with Spanish rice, shrimp, and chorizo sausage the other night. 
  • Friday: Sweet and fiery pork tenderloin with mango salsa. Sides will be brown coconut rice with cilantro and sauteed spinach with garlic. This meal looks super tasty and is another summer-friendly grilling recipe. The meat will use some of our Asian ingredients for the week and seems really tasty. We have a leftover pork tenderloin from grilling this past week in the freezer. The rice is a side dish that the creator of Skinny Taste recommends having with the pork. I'm willing to give it a try to see if we like it. 

  • Saturday: Bangin' Grilled Shrimp Skewers. With Asian cabbage mango slaw and sweet potato fries. This recipe is based on the Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish Grill. Tim and I lived near a Bonefish Grill when we were in Washington and that was my favorite thing to order there. It is so good. This recipe seems extremely easy and it also has a stamp of approval from one of my best friends. Gina from Skinny Taste recommended this slaw recipe as a side for her shrimp recipe and since it doesn't have vinegar or mayonnaise like most slaw recipes, Tim might actually like it. And sweet potato fries are one of our staple side dishes. Owen loves them and we do too. 

  • Sunday: Buffalo chicken bites with celery and carrot sticks. This is another recipe that I discovered while reading my friend's menu blog. And I trust her judgment. Plus, I've been craving hot wings for a while now, but I know they're not very healthy for you. These buffalo chicken bites have just three Weight Watchers points per serving. Which seems pretty impressive. We will have a side dish with them, but other than carrots and celery sticks, I'm not sure what I want to have. This recipe is (surprise!) not from Skinny Taste. Instead, it is from a blog called Laaloosh, which features healthy low-fat Weight Watchers-friendly meals.  

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