Thursday, July 12, 2012

A boy and his dog

    I bought Owen this dog pull toy from Plan B Toys for his birthday. He hasn't shown much interest in it until today. Now, the two are inseparable. He drags "Puppy" around with him and has so much fun playing with it. We spent a good fifteen minutes with him today so I wanted to share the photos. 
This is "Puppy." 
Ask Owen what Puppy says and he will say: "Woof woof."
Taking his puppy for a walk.  
Its wheels are a little unbalanced so he wobbles back and forth when he's pulled. 
"Let's go to my room, Puppy."
And then back to the kitchen.  
"You still following me?"
"Sit, Puppy." 
Owen can even makes Puppy's tail wag. 
Man's... err... baby's best friend. 
And what do you do when your dog is misbehaving?
Sit on him, of course!


  1. HAHAHA... I love the last part!

  2. Such precious pictures of an oh so precious little boy!

  3. I love these pictures! I might be a little biased with saying this, but he is the cutest little boy!!