Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wittlebee review (Box No. 2)

     I recently received my second box from Wittlebee, the children's clothing subscription box.    I was once again pretty disappointed in the contents of my box and even more disappointed in the number of items from my box. After receiving only six items last month (instead of eight), the company promised to send me ten pieces of clothing this month to make up for it. So when I filled out my notes for my stylist, I mentioned that I was supposed to get 10 items as a reminder. Well, imagine my surprise when I discovered only eight items in my box this month. This tells me that A. they aren't good at keeping their word on fixing problems and B. they apparently don't pay too much attention to my style notes where I specify different styles and colors that I like. Pretty disappointing, right? I told the company and they are supposed to send me the extra two items. Not that I have much hope of them being something I'll love.
    The items I received were from Kenneth Cole Reaction, American Apparel, Strawberry, and Vitamin's Kids. One of my items was also a Wittlebee T-shirt, which I felt was sort-of a sneaky way of making my kid into a walking advertisement.  Unlike last month, I did receive items that could be used to make outfits, but I'm not sure that they fit the "hipster" style that I selected. I also requested pajamas, but didn't receive any. 
    I still feel that the clothing options for girls are way cuter than anything they have in stock for boys. If I had a girl I might consider keeping this subscription. The reason I subscribed to this was because I got a great deal, but also because I thought I might discover some unique clothing for boys. But unfortunately they don't offer anything more spectacular than the normal boring colors and patterns for boys that I avoid at the store. And I'd almost say that Wittlebee was providing false advertising because the sample boxes they post on Facebook and their site look nothing like the boxes of clothing that I've received.

    And while the company does say they are satisfaction guaranteed and allows customers to return clothing and request replacements, I think going through that process every month is too much hassle. Here is a picture of the items from my box. 
    And $39.99 for six pieces of clothing that you have no guarantee of liking is just too much for me to spend each month. Here are some photos of Owen in his new clothes. Don't be fooled though. Just because my kid is adorable does not mean the clothes are anything special. 

     I will be canceling my Wittlebee subscription because I've decided that I would rather just pick out Owen's clothing myself. I'll stick to scouring the sales racks at Gymboree and the Children's Place. Then I will know that I've got something for him that I will actually have him wear. So if you've been looking into trying out Wittlebee, I would do some research first. Read some reviews of people who weren't given a box for free (I find that those people get better clothes anyway and also most seem to feel like they can't say anything bad since they got it for free) and also check out their Facebook page. You can typically see people's complaints on there and I think the number of complaints is indicative of how this company is doing at the moment. 

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