Tuesday, August 28, 2012

25 Things - No. 3 (Go to the zoo)

     My surprise anniversary trip on Friday turned out to be something that I've been wanting to do with Tim and Owen for a while - go to the zoo! I had no idea where we were heading when we started out going north on I-75 Friday morning. I ruled out my guess that we were going to Tennessee, but otherwise I had no clue. Tim and I have talked about visiting Chicago at some point, but I wasn't sure if that was something we would do for just a day. Instead, we went somewhere that I hadn't even guessed. The Cincinnati Zoo. Tim and I both have never been to this particular zoo, but we both thought it was comparable in size to the Atlanta Zoo. 
     We had so much fun as a family at the zoo. Owen really enjoyed looking at animals and running around. Tim and I enjoyed just spending time together and watching our sweet boy have a blast. We were also lucky enough to go on customer appreciation day when tickets were half off. We went to the zoo for about $30 total! Here are some photos from our day. 
Surprise! We're at the zoo!
Who knew rhinos liked to take mud baths?
Owen's absolute favorite animal at the zoo was the lynx, who stalked back and forth in front of us. He thought it was hilarious and laughed uproariously. 
Up close and personal with the tigers. 
Close encounter of the ape kind. 
Riding the gorilla. 
My handsome boys. 
Penguins not on icebergs looks very strange. But they're still super cute! 
The petting zoo was a big hit with Owen. Falling in poop was not. 
One of our favorite sections of the zoo was the nursery, where the newly born babies lived. Awww! They would not let us take the baby cheetah home as a souvenir. 
Somewhere between baby cheetah and the flamingos, Owen fell asleep, clutching onto  daddy like a baby koala.
All tuckered out. 
Owen woke up in time to see his first real-life elephant!
This zoo had the coolest giraffe enclosure ever. You got to see them from up high! This is Kimba and he is 16 feet tall. 
For a dollar, you could make out with feed him.

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  1. I really love these pics of Owen and Tim at the Zoo! (Ha, and just like me, you're hardly ever IN the pictures...) Owen is getting so big, and is such a handsome little dude! :)