Wednesday, August 8, 2012

25 Things - No. 7 (Spend the day as a family having fun.)

     We accomplished another item off our list of 25 Things to Do Before Owen Turns Two. (You can see the complete list by clicking the "25 Things" tab at the top of my blog.) Last Saturday, because we were in town and didn't have any plans, I decided that we would spend the day as a family doing some of the things we love.

     We started the day at the library where I figured we would exchange Owen's books for some new ones and maybe play a little. The children's section at our library is really great because they have tons of books, a performance stage area, computers with games, and a section with puzzles and toys. Owen was acting a little weird that morning so he wasn't too interested in books. Tim did read him one book, which was really cute. 
     He played with the puzzles a bunch and then explored some of the other toys. Finally, Tim and Owen played some of the computer games for a while. 

     The next activity on our list of things to do was to go to the playground, but because it was raining that morning, we had to alter our plans. First we went to Belk to buy a wedding gift for our friends who are getting married this weekend. This wasn't so much fun for Owen, but he did enjoy scaring his mom to death by running amok in the china section. 
    After the trip to Belk we walked a few doors down in the shopping center to Petsmart where they usually have adoptable dogs and cats every Saturday. Unfortunately, they didn't have as many as they normally do (and no dogs), but there were still plenty of cats and kittens and fish and birds for Owen to look at. He ran back and forth between the cages saying "Cat!" and "Maow!" (his way of saying meow) He enjoyed checking out the fish in the aquarium section and scared a stranger by touching her leg as she was looking at the snakes. She screamed and then laughed when she saw that it was just Owen. Haha! What a stinker. 

     Afterwards we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch where Owen enjoyed munching chicken nuggets and waffle fries. And then he got to have some free ice cream. After lunch, we went home and Owen took a really good nap. The rest of the day was spent at home playing and enjoying some relaxing time as a family. 

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  1. Owen looks like such an animal lover! Sounds like a very fun day spent with your boys :-)