Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding Weekend

   Tim and I were in Georgia this past weekend for the wedding of my childhood friend Nathan (we still refer to each other as brother and sister) and his fiancee Kristen. It was a really beautiful wedding and was for sure a Pinterest-inspired one. It was definitely both an example of why I'm sad there was no Pinterest when I got married and also why I'm happy there was no Pinterest when I was wedding planning. 
     They got married outside at an old house with beautiful land and a "barn" out back for the reception. (My cousin is getting married at the same place in October, but I think it will look completely different from this wedding). They had really cute signs and antique dressers outside for the guest book and a cute book with marriage advice. It had the whole rustic chic country theme going on. Some of my favorite details in addition to the ones I listed above were the flowers in mason jars, the mismatched china that we ate on, and the metal tubs of old-fashioned glass bottles of Coke and rootbeer and orange soda.

The bride and groom with the groom's parents, brother Marcus, and sister-in-law Jodi.
See Jodi? You looked so pretty!
My parents looked so cute. 

I snuck a quick picture with the groom while the bride had pictures taken with her family. 
     I also loved Nathan's groom's cake. It was so personal and it tasted awesome. Actually both cakes were great. The bride's cake was chocolate and red velvet with cream cheese in the middle with chocolate chips in it. Yum! Typically, I'm not a big fan of wedding cake. Of course, I give each one a fair chance, but most of the time I don't think they taste that special. Ours, of course, was one of my favorites, but one of the tastiest I've ever had was made by the Publix bakery!  

At the reception. 

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  1. Love your dress and hair! You look so pretty! The pictures of you and Tim are so great and definitely need to be framed!