Monday, August 20, 2012

Menu Monday

    Here's our menu for the week. I had someone ask whether I was going to keep posting our menus, so I guess that means that I haven't done it in a while and I need to get back on it. I have a few new recipes and some old favorites. I actually found a couple of the recipes on Pioneer Woman's Cooking site and they seem like healthier options from her. The rest are some of our favorite recipes, like the Island pork tenderloin from the P90X diet and the taco meatloaf from Paula Deen. What are you eating this week?
  • Monday: Island pork tenderloin with sweet potato fries and sauteed spinach. 
  • Tuesday: Italian pie. This is a Publix Apron's recipe. It is really yummy and makes a ton so we'll have leftovers tomorrow too. If you've never had this recipe, you should definitely give it a try. 
  • Wednesday: Leftovers. 
  • Thursday: Spanish chicken and rice. This is a newer recipe that I tried last month from Skinny Taste. It was super easy to make and really tasty. Tim described it as comfort food. 
  • Friday: Low carb burgers. Tim wanted burgers this week so I'm going to try this recipe to see if we can't do burgers a little healthier. This is a Pioneer Woman recipe. 

  • Saturday: Grilled chicken with chipotle cream sauce. Another recipe from Pioneer Woman. It was part of her Bush's baked beans competition. Each meal had to be paired with Bush's grilling beans. This recipe looks really interesting. I love chipotle peppers and grilled chicken lately. 

  • Sunday: Taco meatloaf. One of Tim's favorites. This Paula Deen recipe is one I cut out of her magazine several years ago and Tim loves it. Since our anniversary is next week, I decided to treat him with one of his favorite meals. 

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