Friday, August 24, 2012

Random Friday

1. Anniversary surprises!

     Our third anniversary is next week and it seems like Tim and I have a few surprises in store for one another. Since our anniversary is on a Wednesday and Tim couldn't get the day off because of some big meetings and projects at work, we will begin our celebration this weekend starting today with a surprise daytime outing that Tim planned. I have no idea what  we will be doing. I was just told to get up this morning and be ready to go. To another state!  
     I also know that we have a babysitter lined up for a dinner date for Saturday night as well. Tim bought me an anniversary present on Wednesday and then spent the entire evening following me whenever I went in our bedroom to make sure that I wasn't snooping to find his hiding place. I'm not completely finished with my gifts for him. I need to buy something to go with one of my gifts to him and I'm waiting for another to arrive in the mail. I think we will wait and do presents on our actually anniversary, though Tim is apparently about to die in anticipation of giving me mine. And I am working on coming up with a nice anniversary dinner to cook on Wednesday. Anyway, I am still shocked that we've been married for three years and I'm really excited about celebrating together. Times flies, right?

2. Art with Owen.

     I ran across a cute art project on Pinterest the other night and since I had everything I needed to make it already, Owen and I did it yesterday. It was a really cute idea where you take a blank canvas and write a word on it using painter's tape. Then you let your kiddo fingerpaint all over the canvas and after it dries, you remove the tape so they word is revealed in white. Owen painted around the word "Love" with mainly red and blue paint. He had a really fun time with it, though of course he enjoyed painting himself and the tablecloth he was sitting on more. I kept having to say, "No, paint on here." Anyway, I don't have the final product yet because it's still drying, but I will post a picture once it's dry and I've peeled the tape off. 

3. Cute Owen pic(s) of the week.

     The first cute Owen picture of the week is from when we moved out stove out away from the wall to paint behind it. I decided it was a good opportunity for me to clean beside the stove (you know, where people spill stuff down there in the hole between the stovetop and the countertop). Owen was fascinated with me wiping down the side of the oven so I told him I was cleaning and he picked up a piece of paper towel off the floor and started rubbing it on the side of the oven saying "Clean, clean," pronounced "keen keen."
     The other picture is just a cute one of Tim and Owen the other night when they were reading "Fox in Socks," one of his favorites. They just looked really sweet together. Owen is at a super fun age right now. He is learning new things every day. Right now, we are working on more animal noises and counting. Yesterday I taught him the word "cuddle" and he will wrap his little arms around me and snuggle into me whenever I say, "Cuddle, cuddle." I melt!

4. My favorite show on television.

     My absolute favorite show on television this summer is The Newsroom. I know I have mentioned it on here before, but I cannot say enough good things about it and I'm trying to convert everyone I know into watching it. Tim and I recently ended our trial period with our new television service where you get all the movie channels for free, but we just had to keep HBO so that we can finish this show. Plus, a couple of our other favorites come on HBO too.This series is about a fictional news show and each episode shows how they cover a certain news event in history in addition to all the characters' personal lives, romances, etc. It is so smart and funny and interesting. Take the political stances with a grain of salt because the show isn't about that. It's about teamwork, love, loyalty, and integrity. I highly recommend it. Recently, they did an episode about the night Osama Bin Laden was killed. It was great. And I laughed out loud three times during the last episode.The first season finale will air this coming Sunday. If you have a chance, find a way to catch up on this show and watch the entire first season. I'm not sure when the second season will start, but I'm going to hardcore miss it when it's over for the season. Here's a review from The New York Times. 

5. Julep pick.

     Well, it was that time of the month again (no, not that time of the month!), it was time to choose my box of nail colors for September. The colors this month were part of a collaboration with designer Trina Turk. The nail colors are meant to match her "Modernist Maverick" collection and are all based on the German Bauhas movement. I was really intrigued by the colors this month and was excited when the company offered the entire collection for a discounted price. I had trouble deciding which box to get because my favorites were all in different boxes so I decided to take the plunge and get the entire collection. It would have been too expensive normally, but because I had a free box this month, it wasn't too bad. The company is also releasing a new product this month: volumizing and lengthening mascara in black and brown. Again, if you're not a Julep Maven and want to be, you can join and receive your introductory box for just a penny using the code COLOR2012 or PENNY. I will warn you that it is super addictive, but also really fun. It's fun to try colors and styles that I never would have picked at a store. Those wind up being my favorites most of the time!

6. An Honest review.

    I have received all my The Honest Company products for this month and I have been busy trying them all out and seeing what I think about them. Stay tuned for a review next week to see my opinion on them. We have been using their diapers for about five days now and just got the household products (laundry detergent, hand soap, dish soap, shampoo and body wash, and dishwasher pods) about midway through this week. The company is a really great one and I really love their mission. Plus, having stuff delivered to the house was really convenient and awesome. They are definitely geared more towards families with small children, but I could see someone ordering just the family essentials pack to get beauty and cleaning products. 

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