Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stork Stack review (August box)

   Through a special promotion on Plum District, I received a discount on one box from the infants and toddlers subscription box Stork Stack. The Chicago-based company has only been in business for the past couple months and I was just curious to see how they would compare to Citrus Lane. 
       The two companies both send about five items per month for babies through 3-year-olds and the boxes are tailored based on age and gender. Both boxes generally have a theme for each month. The difference is that Stork Stack costs three dollars more per month and they deliver at the beginning of the month. Citrus Lane delivers their boxes midway through the month. 
Owen had to of course do his typical squat move to check out the box. 
We let him open the box himself and discover what was inside. 
And insert included describes Owen's current age and the contents of the box. 
      The box is stuffed with crinkly paper. I actually was surprised at how big the box was compared to the items inside. It was a lot of paper and I had bits of it all over my dining room floor for days. 
      Owen's favorite thing was this banana-shaped toddler toothbrush. It is made of really soft plastic and he has been teething on it a ton. 
       Here are the items from my box. I was actually missing one item, but they recently mailed it to me. Here is the complete list of what was included:

  • Baby Banana Bendable Training Toddler Toothbrush

  • Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo and Body Wash (travel sized)
  • Stri-vectin Stretch Mark and Wrinkle cream
  • Sassy rubber duck
  • My Dentist's Choice tooth tissues.
  • Under the Nile bath mitt (We got the duck)

        I liked my Stork Stack box and it was almost worth it entirely for the toothbrush since it's been helping Owen with his teething this week. I was also impressed with the full-sized Stri-Vectin because it is so expensive. I will definitely be storing that away to use whenever I get pregnant with No. 2. 
        Overall though, I am still really happy with Citrus Lane and we have a subscription through December. I don't want to subscribe to both at the same time for monetary reasons. I will check reviews of their boxes until then and that way I can decide if I want to renew my subscription to Citrus Lane or start one with Stork Stack after December. Or give up the subscriptions all together. 


  1. I got the deal through Plum Distric too and liked the box. I have only received one citrus lane so I'll see when my next box comes to see which is better. I did enjoy my stork stack more this time! Did you get the email with the promotion for stork stack?

  2. Hi Jessica! Thank you for writing this blog post about our company, and I'm so happy that Owen loved his Baby Banana Brush!